The Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) is one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast. Our members are licensed amateur radio operators who have an interest in DX (distance) communications and radio contest operating. The WWDXC is an ARRL-affiliated club.
The Club... Club meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Informal "DX Lunch" gatherings are held around club territory as organized by the club’s members. WWDXC members stay in close touch through the club’s newsletter, The Totem Tabloid, via the internet using the club’s e-mail reflector, and over the club’s W7DX repeater (147.00- 103.5PL).  Membership in the WWDXC provides the opportunity for comradery, DX Community, teamwork, coupled with a spirit of  friendly competition.

Club News

TO6OK DXpedition Report

The WWDXC sponsored this DXpedition. This is their story… Mayotte (FH) is a French overseas department located in the northern part of Mozambican channel in the Indian Ocean is one of the four major islands of the Comoro group of islands, but it does not belong to the Union of the Comoros (a DXCC country D6). Its area… Read More »

NW Trophy Competition Updates

As we contemplate the upcoming CQWW CW, here are the standings for the Challenge Cup (Northwest Traveling Trophy) Competition. This includes the totals reported by the other clubs as well as the individual standings within the WWDXC. It would be helpful if we could come up with a couple extra million more than the WVDXC next week. If… Read More »

Contest Activity Report for November 2018

The weeks running from the end of October through November has some of the most interesting and enjoyable contests of the year for SSB and CW ops..  Domestically, there are ARRL Sweeps and worldwide, of course, are the CQWW SSB/CW events (no ‘dis to the diddlers). Here’s what your fellow Club members have been up to (when they… Read More »

November 2018 Poll: Club Roster on Web

Several members have inquired about adding club roster on the web site.  Others have objected, not wanting information like phone numbers or email addresses that are ripe for spam harvesting.  Can we strike a balance? Here’s what it would look like.