Written by Dick Swanson   
January 19, 2015  

Next Meeting

Feb. 10, 2015


The S.S. Central America Project


WWDXC member Alan Scott, AC7MX, will highlight the adventure in recovering one of the richest treasures from America’s past.


The sinking of the wooden hull steamship, The Central America during a hurricane in 1857, was America’s worst peacetime sea disaster claiming a loss of 425 lives and over 3 tons of California gold.  Following a side scan sonar search in 1986 and site verification studies in 1987, the SS Central America was discovered and identified in 1988 resting a mile and a half below the surface of the Atlantic approximately 200 miles east of Charleston, South Carolina.  The Columbus-America Discovery Group, consisting of a small group of engineers, scientists, and support staff, reworked their home-brew undersea robot in the three recovery years that followed into a research submersible capable of performing complex and precision tasks at great ocean depths.  Alan will be showing some of the undersea video and images from over 3000 hours of videotape and 25,000 still photographs that document the deep-ocean marine life, shipwreck artifacts, and treasure recovered from the wreck site.  Alan will also discuss the role of ham radio in keeping both him and crew in touch with family and friends and the educational outreach that it provided to students onshore.  Author Gary Kinder’s best seller “The Ship Of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea” covering the loss, search and discovery of this historic ship wreck will be included in the February raffle.


Rob’s 125 Street Grill

Located at 125th and Aurora Ave N

Dinner at 6:30 with the program starting at 7:30

Dinner $20 including tax and tip

2014 Salmon Run
Written by Jim K7WA   
October 27, 2014  

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2014 Washington Salmon Run,
and Congratulations to the Category Winners and those who accomplished the 39 County Clean Sweep!

2014 Salmon Run Results


Amateur Radio
Written by Dick Swanson   
May 1, 2014  


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DX Lunch
Written by Jack Fleming   
January 4, 2008  


Monthly DX Lunch

On the first and third Tuesdays of every month we 

meet for lunch.

The First Tuesday will be atthe Claim Jumper

  at South Center  [5001 South 180th Street which is at the

southeast corner of South Center Parkway and 180th]

The Third Tuesday will be in the North Gate area at the

RAM Restaurant and Brewery located in the North Gate Mall.

It is on the northwest side of the mall facing I-5

 It’s a chance to talk DX, radio, propagation, and whatever else comes up.

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