The Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) is one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast. Our members are licensed amateur radio operators who have an interest in DX (distance) communications and radio contest operating. The WWDXC is an ARRL-affiliated club.
The Club... Club meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Informal "DX Lunch" gatherings are held around club territory as organized by the club’s members. WWDXC members stay in close touch through the club’s newsletter, The Totem Tabloid, via the internet using the club’s e-mail reflector, and over the club’s W7DX repeater (147.00- 103.5PL).  Membership in the WWDXC provides the opportunity for comradery, DX Community, teamwork, coupled with a spirit of  friendly competition.

Club News

WWDX Club Poll for July 2018: DXer or Contester?

Here’s our July 2018 poll, which attempts to identify where the Club’s interests may diverge. Some have said that it varies slowly over the years, but is very regular and cyclic, just like the Solar Cycle.

August Meeting at PNW DX Convention

In lieu of a regular meeting in Seattle, our August calendar includes the Pacific Northwest DX Convention.  If you haven’t registered, don’t delay.  Go up to the menu above and click on PNW DX Convention now.  See you in Vancouver!    

Salmon Run Chair Changes

After successfully running the annual Salmon Run contest for the past 25 years, Jim Hadlock/K7WA has passed the chairmanship to Mike Dinkelman/N7WA.  Quite possibly the best state QSO party of them all, the Salmon Run has steadily grown in the number of participants through the years, a direct result of Jim’s marketing and mentorship.  With much to do… Read More »

Club Adds Facebook Group

In addition to standing up a new web site, the Club has now established a Facebook Group. If you are a Facebook user, simply navigate to https://www.facebook.com/groups/wwdxc/ and join us.  We have 5 administrators for the group, so your membership request will be reviewed within a few hours. The FB Group provides a nice social media watering hole… Read More »