February 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | February 24, 2003


7pm February 24, 2003


Don Walter W7NG, President

Pat Shinners, W7GTO Vice-President

Paul Beringer NG7Z Secretary

Mary Lewis, W7QGP

Kirk Bellar, N7UK

Adam Kerner K7ST

Bob Nielsen N7XY

Guests: Ward Silver NŘAX

Harry Lewis, W7JWJ

  • President Don Waters called the meeting to order on February, 24, 2003 1901 hours.
  • The minutes of the December meeting were approved as written in the Tabloid
  • Angelos Restaurant will be the site of the March dinner on Tuesday the 11th. We will be ordering from a “banquet menu”. Angelos has access for handicapped, parking in front and sides and also across the street. Elks Club in April and Las Margaritas in May. As of this writing, it appears the rotation will be, Angelos, Elks and Las Margaritas. The Address for Angelos is 601 Sw 153rd BURIEN, WA

The March program will be the S Cook Island Dxpedition that was supposed to be presented last month. The April program will be the “unofficial” version of 1990 WRTC.

Adam reported that he just doesnt have time anymore to take care of the raffle prizes as he is out of town 3 days of the week. Something about spending more time with the family. Unfortunately, Paul Beringer, the secretary, was busy scratching his head as the question of who would volunteer was being asked. The Board unanimously agreed that he was volunteering for the position. So he is the new raffle chairman. Go figure.

Although Field Day is still 4 months away, the Board is looking for leadership from within the membership. Feel free to “scratch your head” and be counted among the lucky.

Dick Aspinwal, W7PV cant be as active as he once was. His wife is looking for buyers for his equipment. A suggestion was made to put his radio gear up for sale at the Puyallup hamfest. If you want more info on the gear, e-mail or call Harry Lewis.

Harry updated the Board on the progress of Washington Senate Bill 5200, a non partisan piece of legislation relating to the erection of ham radio antenna supports. Please be pro-active in your support of this bill by writing to your Senator by e-mail or snail mail. Harry has a boilerplate letter you can use and will even assist you in finding who represents you.

The Redmond Top Key Contest Club has finished scoring the 2002 Salmon run and the certificates are ready to be filled out. A letter thanking the club for their effort will be sent to them.

There was a discussion to more clearly define the Most Valuable Player award, the Member of the Year award and the Rookie of the Year award. More info on this will follow. The Rookie and MVP awards were voted on and will be presented at the March dinner meeting at Angelos.

The Board also determined that we need a Lifetime achievement award. This idea was tabled for the time being.

Kirk presented a beautiful example of a plaque he is working on for Salmon Run presentations. He has be gracious enough to sponsor awards to mobile stations in the last three events but so far, nothing has been issued. The Board unanimously agreed to pay for the setup fee for engraving the clubs totem on the plaque.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2006 hours.

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer, Secretary