October 2003 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | October 27, 2003

Minutes of the Western Washington DX Club Board Meeting, 27 Oct. 03

The Board met at Group Health Central. In attendance were:

  • Don Walter, W7NG, President
  • Pat Shinners, W7GTO, Vice President
  • Marina Zuetell, N7LSL, Treasurer
  • Paul Beringer, NG7Z, Secretary
  • Jim Hadlock, K7WA, Trustee
  • Joe Gregory, W7QN, Trustee
  • Bob Nielsen, N7XY, Trustee
  • Mary Lewis, W7QGP, Trustee
  • Kirk Bellar, N7UK, Trustee
  • Adam Kerner, K7ST, Trustee
  • Florence Shepherd, w7lvl, Membership Chair
  • Also in attendance was member Harry Lewis, W7JWJ.

Don called the meeting to order at 1906.

Don brought a notice of a planned Dxpedition to Eritrea by 5 British operators in mid-February 2004. The Secretary was tasked with the job of finding out where E3 is on the most wanted list prior to determining the funding level. Secretary, having determined rarity status of each subject Dxpedition, will coordinate with Treasurer, Marina, to assure that checks for appropriate amounts are issued.

Paul announced that there was at least one other Dxpedition that solicited our support during the summer and would follow up on its condition.

Bob displayed his first place win award certificate in the 1953 International DX contest. Your humble secretary was a mere 5 years old.

Harry announced that Wards antenna course would be posted soon on the ARRL web site.

Mary passed around a certificate from the ARRL Education and Technology Program thanking Harry and Mary for their continued efforts to inspire new people to enter our hobby.

Pat suggested it was a good time to discuss upcoming board positions that are opening. Bob and Joe said that they would continue to be Trustees but Paul said he would need to relinquish the secretary position. A call will be put out to the reflector announcing this position opening. Pat will be a candidate for President, and that president will approach two individuals regarding VP and replacement trustee (for Adam) position for term ending 2005.

Kirk said that the Salmon Run log checkers are ready to proceed.

Florence indicated that more club renewals are arriving daily.

Jim found a flaw in the ARRL web reporting of our Field Day score and promptly notified Dan Henderson of the contest division. Dan replied that the score had been corrected but may not be correct in the printed version in QST due to printing deadlines.

Marina presented the treasurers report. Our current assets are approximately $6200 with a sizeable amount set aside in a CD for next summers DX convention.

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer, NG7Z