February 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | February 23, 2004
February 23, 2004  WWDXC Board Meeting  Group Health Building

Preface:  Florence Shepherd, w7lvi, passed away Sunday, February 8th.  Florence, recent recipient of the first WWDXC Lifetime Achievement Award, supported the 
WWDXC by handling Membership, Totem Award, Convention Registration, Meeting Raffles, and probably many other activities that we will discover as time goes 
by.  She will be greatly missed by us all.  Several WWDXC members attended a Memorial for Florence on February 21st, and President Pat Shinners and Treasurer 
Marina Zuetell picked up the files and boxes of Club business from Florence's home.  It won't be the same without "lower case w7lvi" at our meetings!

Pat Shinners W7GTO President
Denny Bowman W7SNH Vice-President
Marina Zuetell N7LSL Treasurer
Mary Lewis W7QGP Trustee
Dick Swanson K7BTW Trustee
Jim Hadlock K7WA Trustee
Harry Lewis W7JWJ Guest

Pat called the meeting to order at 19:05 PDT.

BOARD MEETING AGENDA:  Denny and Dick presented a proposed agenda to follow at Board Meetings to facilitate getting our business done in an orderly manner. The 
draft was discussed, and it was recommended that Denny add Review and Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting, and a Membership Report to follow the 
Treasurers Report.  Denny will type up the draft and e-mail it to Board members.

A letter was received from Tom, N2CU, thanking us for the Salmon Run Plaque he received as the Low Power Winner for Out of State.
Kurt, K7UU, notified us that there will be charges due for maintenance of the W7DX.net connection to the DX Alert system  Marina will work with Kurt to 
understand the situation and incorporate any charges into our annual budget.Pat presented materials from two DX-peditions requesting financial support.  The 
Board discussed that Bob, N7XY, should be the one to present such requests and recommend action.  In Bob's absence the Board approved a $50 contribution to the 
upcoming 3B9C Rodriguez Island operation.

TREASURERS REPORT:  Marina reported that we had no income the past month other than interest, and expenses included Repeater Rent, Salmon Run and Tabloid 
expenses.  She also provided a balance sheet from a previous DX Convention for Board members to review in planning the 2004 Northwest DX Convention. The Treasurers 
Report was approved.There was further discussion of the Top Band Anthology, a publication produced with WWDXC support.  Pat will bring some copies to the Puyallup Fleamarket to 
display on the WWDXC table.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  The Board accepted the application of Jim Denneny, K7EG.There was a discussion of how to transition the membership responsibilities 
handled by Florence Shepherd, and Jim K7WA offered to take over the membership work.  Jim will review and update the New Member and Membership Renewal forms 
with Marina, and coordinate with Jack WA0RJY to merge the paper records with the WWDXC Membership Database.  Jim will also collect mail from the Mercer Island 
P.O. Box and bring any correspondence to the Board.

Last month the Board received notice from the ARRL Foundation that criteria for the Bill Bennett, W7PHO, Memorial Scholarship, has never been established.  
There is a fund of approximately $10,000 available.  Jim K7WA produced a draft of the criteria for Board review.  Jim will send a copy of the updated draft to 
the ARRL Foundation for their review prior to approval by the Board.Dick K7BTW agreed to take over the WWDXC Totem Award work that was done by 
Florence Shepherd.

Denny W7SNH reported that the March 9th Club Meeting will be held at Angelo's in Burien, the speaker will be Marv Loftness, KB7KK.  Marv will be 
speaking on Locating Noise Sources Originating on Power Lines. 
Denny also discussed the status of the 2004 NW DX Convention planning.  A Convention Committee has been formed and will begin meeting in the near future.  Denny will provide Convention flyers for distribution at the Puyallup Fleamarket 
March 6th. 
Denny reported Roger W7VV will be the host of the Annual Picnic to be held August 14th.

Pat adjourned the meeting at 21:00 PDT.