May 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | May 24, 2004

WWDXC Board Meeting – May 24, 2004

Harry W7JWJ
Brian N9ADG
Mary  W7QGP
Joe W7QN
Marina W7LSL
Jim K7WA
Dick K7BTW
Denny W7SNH

NOTE: Meeting was held one week before “normal” due to the Memorial
Day holiday.

Meeting was called to order @ 7:40pm
Minutes from the April meeting were approved

Renewals are already coming in, as well as convention
related mail
From the Clipperton DX Club — A Bhutan radio club is
starting up, hosted in a school; a mention in the Tabloid will be
made for contributions
VR2YHH is a ham from Hong Kong coming to exotic Mercer
Island and wanted to meet some hams. Hiss plans have changed and he
won’t be here very long.
Insurance bill was received, with an 18% increase. Treasurer
is following up regarding the increase.
One new member application was received from KK7XN –
reviewed and accepted.

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.

Old Business:
Convention related. See convention discussion

Monthly Meeting Subject Summary:
June @ Elks Club – 1999 Field Day revisited, Logger32
July – DX convention
August – Picnic

The club is looking for alternative locations for the East
Side meetings, currently held in Bellevue. Any club member with
suggestions please contact the Vice President

Convention Update:
Emails and magazine placements/mentions have been made
Hillar has graciously volunteered to take the DX convention
flyers to SEAPAC (June 18-19)
ICOM has donated an IC756PRO to WWDXC for a prize