August 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | August 30, 2004

August 30, 2004 WWDXC Board Meeting Group Health Building

Notes were taken by Jim Hadlock K7WA


Pat Shinners W7GTO President

Denny Bowman W7SNH Vice-President

Mary Lewis W7QGP Trustee

Dick Swanson K7BTW Trustee

Jim Hadlock K7WA Trustee

Joe Gregory W7QN Trustee

Bob Nielson N7XY Trustee

Kirk Bellar N7UK Trustee

Harry Lewis W7JWJ Guest

Pat called the meeting to order at 19:00 PDT.


Denny reported that he is looking for a new Eastside meeting location. There have been complaints about Las Margaritas, and if a new location can be found in time for the November meeting we will try it out, otherwise we will meet one more time at Las Margaritas.

The Convention Financial Report and July Treasurers Reports were presented by Pat in Marinas absence. The club covered expenses plus about $890 on the Northwest DX Convention in July.

The club received a request for support from the Peter I Island Dxpedition a contribution of $50 was approved.

NEW MEMBERS: The Board approved the following new members:

Melvin Ming N7GCO

Harry Hudson K7LAZ

Ron Corso KD7GGB

Scot Herrick K9JY

Caleb Gerbrandt KD7RDY

Roy Gilbert K6RYM

ROSTER: The club is preparing to publish an updated Roster and questions have come up about privacy issues, specifically whether we should publish members telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and whether this information should be made available on the WWDXC website. Jim K7WA will prepare an article for the Tabloid and solicit member feedback.

CONVENTION: Denny W7SNH reported on the Lessons Learned meeting held following the NW DX Convention. He and Bob W7TSQ will evaluate alternative convention locations prior to recommending a site for the 2007 convention.


September 14: Angelos in Burien 3B9C Rodrigues Island video.

October 12: Lake City Elks K7WA/VE7 Haida Gwaii

November 9: Eastside Location to be announced N6MZ on WSJT

December 14: Lake City Elks Christmas Party

Harry W7JWJ presented data showing the advancing age distribution of DX clubs which led to a discussion of outreach possibilities. Ideas discussed included providing DX programs to clubs in the area and publicizing Field Day and other club activities.

Denny W7SNH asked if the club had a program for helping to dispose of the equipment of members who become silent keys. We currently do not have such a program.

Bob N7XY reported on the status of the DX Clusters. Herb W7ZF may be able to take over the W7DX Cluster from Kurt K7UU sometime in the next year.

Pat adjourned the meeting at 20:30 PDT.