November 2004 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | November 29, 2004

WWDXC Board Meeting Minutes – November 29, 2004  

In Attendance:

Denny W7SNH
Mary W7QGP
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Harry W7JWJ

Pat called the meeting to order at 19:00.  

The Minutes of the previous Board Meeting were accepted.  

The Treasurer’s Report, provided by Marina, N7LSL, was accepted.  

The issue of a contribution to a Hurricane Relief Fund supported by the ARRL was discussed.  It was moved and seconded to refer this issue to the December General Meeting since relief contributions are beyond the normal scope of contributions approved by the Board.  Motion Passed.  

New Member Guy Molinari, N7ZG, was accepted.  

The program for the December 14th General Meeting at the Lake City Elks Club will be Marc Weinberg, K9PET, presenting a video of the recent “Casual DX” trip to Svalbard.  Dinner at 6:30 PM, program at 7:30 PM.  

The Salmon Run log checking and results compiling are ongoing – the results will be available next month.  

The WWDXC Roster will be published in January, 2005.  Any changes/additions should go to Jim, K7WA, as soon as possible for inclusion in the new edition.  

The December Board Meeting will be at a restaurant in the North End to be determined by Kirk, N7UK.  This meeting will be the transition from the 2004 Officers to the 2005 Officers.  

2005 Officers:  Candidates identified so far:  

President:  Denny Bowman, W7SNH Vice President:  (Open) Secretary:  Brian Moran, N9ADG Treasurer:  Marina Zuetell, N7LSL   Trustee:  Dick Swanson, K7BTW Trustee:  Hillar Raamat, N6HR Trustee:  (Open)   As you can see, there are two open positions – anyone interested in serving as Vice President or Trustee should contact Pat, W7GTO, before the December General Meeting.  

The Meeting was adjourned at 19:30.   Jim,  K7WA