March 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 28, 2006

Board Meeting:  March 27, 2006, Group Health, Seattle, WA

Present:  Denny W7SNH, Roger W7VV, Joe W7QN, Jack WA0RJY, Jim K7WA, Hillar N6HR, Pat W7GTO, Dick K7BTW, Kirk N7UK, and Elsie N7YX

 Denny called the meeting to order at 1857 PST.  In the absence of Brian N9ADG, Jim K7WA was asked to take the meeting Minutes.

 Minutes of the previous Board Meeting were approved.



Denny presented an e-mail from Ed Bruette N7NVP, Western Washington ARRL SCM, requesting notice of who our PIO (Public Information Officer) is – Pat will follow up with Ed and report back to the Board.


Denny presented a request from the BEARS for a presentation.  Jim gave Jack a copy of the outline from the Mercer Island presentation in December, and Jack will develop a Powerpoint presentation on DX and Contesting for club presentations.  Denny and Brian will respond to the BEARS request.


Totem Award – Dick received three Totem Award applications this month.


Treasurer’s Report:


Marina was not present to give a Treasurer’s Report.  Denny gave us a “heads up” that there will be a charge for three years worth of Salmon Run certificates coming soon.




Jim, Kirk, and Pat were at the Puyallup Fleamarket – we made contact with several inactive members, took in three renewals, and made some updates to the membership database.


We received notice that John Reddie W7KJ is a Silent Key.


Annual Renewals will be mailed out in early May, any renewals coming in now are good through June 2007.


Old Business:


The 2005 Washington Salmon Run results are posted on the website and Awards are being printed.  The Rules have been reviewed by the committee (Jack WA0RJY, Ward N0AX, and Kirk N7UK); Denny will provide a copy of the updated rules for Board review prior to release.


Herb W7ZF was not present to report on W7DX Repeater status.


Discontinuation of the hardcopy Totem Tabloid as of June 1, 2006was discussed.  The Board agreed to:

            Continue to mail hardcopies to active members without e-mail/web access –

            Provide a Link on the website to the current Totem Tabloid –

            Continue to e-mail active members a notice when the new edition of the Tabloid is available –


New Business:


Jack is proposing to move the WWDXC Reflector from to Yahoo; he has established a Yahoo Group for WWDXC and this will result in additional capability and service to members, including photos, and a Tabloid back issue file.  The Board approved the transfer.


Denny raised the issue of Club and Officer liability with respect to use of the Tower Kit by members.  After considerable discussion, the Board decided to retire the WWDXC Tower Kit and sell the Gin Poles, Belts, and other equipment.


April Meeting Program:  Al Francisco K7NHV will give a presentation on WINLINK at the meeting April 11th at the Lake City Elks Club.


General Discussion:


Field Day – we need a Field Day Coordinator.

2007 NW DX Convention – we need to select a date and confirm the location.

Annual Picnic – Roger W7VV offered his QTH for the picnic –

Discussion of purchasing WWDXC Tee Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Mousepads. 

Meeting was adjourned at 2024 PST.


Jim  K7WA