April 2006 Board – Meeting Minutes

By | April 28, 2006
WWDXC Board Meeting 2005-04-24
In attendance
Elsie  N7YX
Hillar N6HR
Herb W7ZF
Jim  N7WA
Dick K7BTW
Kirk N7UK
Brian N9ADG
Joe W7QN
Pat W7GTOMeeting was called to order by Jim “Al Haig” N7WA at 7Pm

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.
ARRL mentions that our Public Information Officer isn’t on the ARRL PR email Reflector. Pat volunteered to get on the reflector mailing list.
BEARS Meeting presentation – Jim and Jack are preparing a presentation for BEARS, Denny was volunteered in absentia to coordinate the logistics
The Treasurer’s report was distributed and discussed
One new membership was received from AG7G
Renewal notices will go out on May 1
Old Business
A picture of the very nice Salmon Run plaque was viewed, and it was noted the the plaque had been sent out.
The certificates had been printed, and were going out very soon.
The 2006 rules have been published in the totem tabloid.
W7DX Repeater
Brian N9ADG has been in communication with W7LFA regarding the uplinking of announcements. Next step is to build a circuit and try it out
Tabloid moves from print to bits
Elimination of hard copy TABLOID Will start 1 June 2006… Jim is making sure that everyone is aware of the change
Club mailing moves to Yahoo groups
The club mailing list has been moved to yahoogroups, and in doing so gained archival capability, picture uploads and some other features.NEW BUSINESS
Mugs/Tee shirts/Swag – Discussed but tabled to a next meeting
Upcoming Events
FD2006 – June 24, 25 – See Pat W7TSQ, Joe W7QN, Paul NG7Z,  Jim K7WA for for info on Digital, Phone, CW or UHF/VHF Operation
PNW DX Convention in BC – July
WWDXC Picnic – August
The WWDXC will host the DX Convention in 2007, but the date has not been set

May Program
A program about the Cook Islands will be presented by N7ROThe Meeting was Adjourned at 8pm