2007 Washington Salmon Run Results


2007 Washington Salmon Run


The 2007 Washington Salmon Run, held September 15 and 16, 2007, featured a weekend of activity on the bands with Washington state as the focus.  We received 176 formal entries from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Chile, Tonga, Spain, England, Japan, Slovak Republic, and the Netherlands; there were 72 Washington entries, and 104 entries from outside the state.  Two stations, N7PP in Asotin County and WX7P in Stevens County, each made over one thousand contacts during the weekend.  In spite of low sunspot numbers and high gasoline prices, activity continued at a high level.


Activity abounded from usually rare counties.  N7PP, from the South Hill Contest Club in Puyallup, operated Field Day style from a state park in Asotin County.  W7WMO mounted an Expedition to remote Ferry County, and master-mobileer WN7T operated from a total of fifteen different counties across the state.  Four stations, N7PP, W7FLY, W7PU, and N7YMY, managed to contact all 39 Washington counties; N2CU had 37 and N6MU had 36 from out-of-state.  NØAX completed his own sweep of operating from all 39 counties in recent Salmon Runs.


N2CU with 142 CW and 33 Phone QSOs was the leader among the out of Washington entries, with N6MU close behind.  DL5AWI led the DX entries with 34 QSOs and 22 Counties.  KD7MSC was the QRP winner.  These stations, and several others, worked hard all weekend to catch the mobile stations as they moved around the state and pick up the other Washington state stations as they changed bands and modes.


The N7PP expedition to Fields Spring State Park in the southeast corner of the state was a highlight of the 2007 Salmon Run.  Led by K7LAZ and K7MO, the group operated two stations with a temporary tower, two element beam, and several wire antennas.  They made over 1,200 QSOs in all WA counties, all states, and 30 DXCC entities.  We look for big things from this group in the future!  Perennial single-operator winner K7QQ and WX7P had a close race in the High Power category while Low Power operators K7INA and W7RM finished in a near dead heat; K7TQ and K7HBN led the QRP entries.  K7WA led the Multi-Op mobiles, and NØAX was high scorer in Single-Op mobile.  W7WMO and N7BF were first and second in Single-Op Expedition, and W7PU was first in Multi-Op Single Transmitter.  W7FLY was the Washington Club winner this year, and K7ANE/m, who operated from rare San Juan County, was Rookie of the Year.  Western Washington DX Club station W7DX was operated by N9ADG, K7BTW, W7SNH, W7VV, and KE7MAN – although they did not submit an official log, W7DX was in most of your logs for bonus points on CW, Phone, and Digital.


A brief comment about Log Checking:  Although we encourage Cabrillo format logs we continue to accept all forms of entries.  This makes for a very challenging job for the log checkers!  Even the different Cabrillo logs present a challenge.  The most common error is logging a county-line QSO on one line in the log – the analysis program has no way of knowing this counts as two QSOs and only counts one multiplier per line.  Another common error is use of non-standard abbreviations for Counties and States.


Thanks to everyone who entered the 2007 Washington Salmon Run!  We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, and hope to see you in 2008!


The 2007 Washington Salmon Run Committee:  K7WA, WAØRJY, N9ADG, K7LAZ, NØAX, N7UK, K7LOG


Salmon Award Winners


Out of Washington


KA1LMR                    First Call Area

N2CU                         Second Call Area/Low Power

K8NA                         Third Call Area

K4ZGB                       Fourth Call Area

AD5WI                        Fifth Call Area

N6MU                         Sixth Call Area

KS5A                         Seventh Call Area

WB8JUI                      Eighth Call Area

K9CW                        Ninth Call Area

WØJPL                       Tenth Call Area/High Power

DL5AWI                     DX

A35RK                      Tonga

EA7TN                       Spain

KD7MSC                    QRP




N7PP                       &
Top Score/Multi Op

K7QQ                         Single Op

K7RL                          WA CW

W7WMO                     WA Expedition

NØAX                          WA Single Op Mobile

K7INA                         WWA Low Power

K7TQ                          WA QRP

K7HBN                       WWA QRP

W7OM                        WWDXC High Power

NG7Z                         WWDXC Low Power

K7ANE/m                   Rookie of the Year


W7FLY                       Washington Club Plaque

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