January 2007 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | January 29, 2007

WWDXC Board Meeting 2007-01-29


Brian Moran, N9ADG

Alan Burgstahler, N7BF

Marina Zuetell, N7LSL

Jim Hadlock, K7WA

Joe Gregory, W7QN

Denny Bowman, W7SNH

Pat Shinners, W7GTO

The minutes from the October 2006 meeting were read and accepted.


  • Request for funds for the 1A4A expedition was tabled due to being after the fact now and not much interest or activity from our area.
  • Request for funds for the upcoming YV0 expedition was approved and $25 was allotted.


  • There have been questions about what exactly Life Membership is and what it gets a person. It was noted that on February 11, 1992, the membership voted to assess dues of $25 per year to expand the activities of the club. Active members (those who pay dues) support sponsorship of Dxpeditions, insurance for the club, the web site, certificates and prizes for the Salmon Run contest, and other activities of the club which cost money. They can also use the W7DX call (after checking with and notifying the call trustee), and can run for office and vote in club elections. An amendment to the bylaws may have to be made to show the difference between lifetime members and active members.
  • Jim, K7WA, sent out additional renewal letters in January to those members who had not sent in dues, and got 24 responses.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Showed records for 2006 for the Budget to Actual spending, and Income versus Spending. The report was accepted. The board will discuss the 2007 budget including the Convention budget in the February 2007 board meeting.

Other business:

  • There was a request from the SEAPAC convention in Seaside, OR, to provide a speaker for one of their seminars. Tabled for the time being.
  • Talked about manning a table at the Puyallup swap the second weekend in March.
  • ARRL executive board has approved our DX convention. Denny will have more convention info as time goes on.
  • Notice has been made that the web site hasn’t been updated recently. There is at least one bad link, and it still shows Board minutes for 2005; nothing for 2006.
  • Nothing on the repeater status.
  • Waiting for results for the Salmon Run. Would like to get things done by mid February.
  • Silent Auction resulted in $260 for the IC-745, and $105 for the 2-meter radio.
  • The raffle at the club meeting is breaking even.
  • Traveling Trophy: Kirk has to get the engraving done to get the winners updated.
  • There will be an e-mail vote of the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Member, and Lifetime Achivement awards.
  • We need a web location for the DX Convention web site, which will be linked off the WWDXC home page.
  • Discussion regarding the Lake City and Burien meeting sites. There is more attendance in Lake City, but some people from the southern parts of the area will not come to the Lake City meeting unless the program is something compelling. Will discuss this more in February. We can have the Lake City location the rest of the year if we want it.
  • We need to have some Club Call usage guidelines. The license trustee has put together some guidelines regarding the usage of the call and QSLs.
  • Some discussion regarding whether we need an Estate/Silent Key disposal person or committee. It was decided we may not need this at this time.

Next general club meeting is in Lake City.

Remember the Traveling Trophy events coming up.

Pat Shinners is temporarily sitting in on the board meeting in place of Hillar Ramaat, N6HR, who is having some health problems.