March 2008 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | March 31, 2008

WWDXC Board Meeting 2008-03-31


President – Adam Blackmer, K7EDX

Vice President – Brian Moran, N9ADG

Secretary – Alan Burgstahler, N7BF

Director – Dick Swanson, K7BTW

Director – Jim Hadlock, K7WA

Director – Joe Gregory, W7QN

Director – Elsie Raamat, N7YX

Director – Herb Holeman, W7ZF

President Emeritus, Denny Bowman, W7SNH

Pat Shinners, W7GTO


The minutes from the February 2008 board meeting were accepted.



  • The club has received two applications for the Totem Award from European stations. These have been forwarded to Dick, K7BTW, for processing.
  • Received notice that the Stanwood flea market is in May, and has been forwarded to Jack for inclusion in the Tabloid.
  • Received notice that the Yakima flea market in April 12th. Too little time remaining to include in the Tabloid.


Treasurer’s report:

  • The treasurer’s report for February 2008 was submitted and approved.



  • At the flea market in Puyallup the club received one new membership, W7NNN, and two renewals, K7MV and NA7O.


Old Business:

  • Denny has sent out all the requested info to the Spokane DX Association regarding their hosting the Northwest DX Convention for 2009.
  • The club’s repeater will remain as currently configured with regards to the voice announced DX spots.
  • The club picnic will be at Roger’s, W7VV, house on August 16th.
  • Additional club meeting locations were discussed and will be looked into.


New Business:

  • Denny, W7SNH, is in charge of Field Day, which will be held at Brian’s, N9ADG, property.  Team members are N9ADG, K7BTW and W7ZF.


The next general club meeting is April 8th in Lake City at the Elks Club.  The program will be on the 1A7A operation.


The next full board meeting is April 28, 2008.