2014 Activate a County


2014 Washington State Salmon Run Activate a County 

If you’re going to activate a county in the 2014 Salmon Run, please let a WWDXC officer know, or email salmonrun (at-sign) wwdxc (dot) org the information, and we’ll add it to the list!

The “Activate a County List” is a way to inform hams around the world participating in the Salmon Run who to look for in the different Washington counties – and to let those of us who go out with mobile stations know which counties may not be covered.  There is no requirement to operate specific bands or modes, and there is no exclusive “reservation.”




Adams (ADA) K7WA, K7TQ, N7WA (evening), KK7VL

KT7Q, N7WA (morn), KK7VL,WW7D/m

Asotin (ASO)                    KD7JB, WF7L KD7JB, K7TQ, N7WA (morn)


Benton (BEN)  WA7HDZ (20m psk31)                 N7WA (morn),
WA7HDZ (20m psk31),WW7D/m
Chelan (CHE) N7WA (morn)K7ANE (SSB)  K7ANE (SSB)
Clallam (CLAL)  N7BV, K7INA  N7BV, K7INA
Clark (CLAR)  KT7G (3 stns, 4 bands)WW7D/m  KT7G (3 stns, 4 bands)
Columbia (COL) N7ZUF, AD7BF N7ZUF, K7TQ, N7WA (afternoon)
Cowlitz (COW)  W7DG, WW7D/m  W7DG
Douglas (DOU) K7TQ,  N7WA (morn)  WW7D/m
Ferry (FER)  K7TQ, N7WA (afternoon)  K7WA, WW7D/m
Franklin (FRA) N7VZU N7VZU, K7TQ,N7WA (afternoon)WW7D/m
Garfield (GAR)  W5SAB  W5SAB, AD7BF K7TQ, N7WA (afternoon)
Grant (GRAN) K7TQ, N7WA (morn)  WW7D/m
Grays Harbor (GRAY)  W7PU, WW7D/m  W7PU
Island (ISL)  K6KR/7  K6KR/7
Jefferson (JEFF)  K7ED 20 cw
King (KING)  WW7D/m
Kitsap (KITS) KC7Z, WW7D/m  KC7Z
Kittitas (KITT)  N7WA ( morn), K7ANE (SSB)  K7ANE (SSB)
Klickitat (KLI)  KD6TR/m, K7EVI  KD6TR/m, K7EVI, WW7D/m
Lewis (LEW)  WW7D/m
Lincoln (LIN) K7WA, K7TQ, N7WA (evening)                       K7TQ, WW7D/m
Mason (MAS)  K7ED 20cw,


Okanogan (OKA)              K7TQ, KI7DG SSB           N7WA (afternoon) KI7DG SSB, K7WA, WW7D/m
Pacific (PAC) W7POE, KC7YE (CW), WS7L, WW7D/m W7POE, KC7YE (CW), WS7L
Pend Oreille (PEND) K7TQ, N7WA (evening), K7WA K7WA
Pierce (PIE)  W7DK, W7DX (RTTY)WW7D/m  W7DK, W7DX (RTTY)
San Juan (SAN)  N6AU, K9QJS  N6AU, K9QJS
Skagit (SKAG)  W8BFX  W8BFX
Skamania (SKAM)  KD6TR, K9JF, WW7D/m, W7UUU, N7ANN (2m FM) KD6TR, K9JF, W7UUU,
N7ANN (2m FM)
Snohomish (SNO)  W7GKF, WA7LAW, K7II W7GKF, WA7LAW, K7II
Spokane (SPO) K7WA, K7TQ, N7WA, (evening)
Stevens (STE)      K7TQ, N7WA (afternoon)

KE7TDY (40 day, 80-40 evening)

K7WAKE7TDY (40 day, 80-40 evening)
Thurston (THU) W7DX (SSB & CW), N7EIEW7OLY, WW7D/m W7DX (SSB & CW)W7OLY
Wahkiakum (WAH) W7OXB, WW7D/m, AI7AA W7OXB until 11 am, AI7AA
Walla Walla (WAL)     K7TQ,
N7WA afternoon)
Whatcom (WHA)  K7ED 20cw morning
Whitman (WHI) K7WA, K7TQ, K7SEL N7WA (morn), K7SEL
Yakima (YAK)                N7WA (afternoon), WW7D/m

* = Hi Ham Density, likely covered by resident stations

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