2017 Salmon Run Awards


2017 Salmon Run Awards

Participant Certificates (emailed PDF):

All Entries

Winner Certificates:

State Winners, DX Entity Winners, Washington County Winners, and Clean Sweep (All 39 County) Winners

Smoked Salmon Awards: (there will be duplicates, only one Salmon Award per Entry)

Out of Washington:  (14)

First Call Area Single Operator
Second Call Area Single Operator
Third Call Area Single Operator
Fourth Call Area Single Operator
Fifth Call Area Single Operator
Sixth Call Area Single Operator
Seventh Call Area Single Operator
Eighth Call Area Single Operator
Ninth Call Area Single Operator
Tenth Call Area Single Operator
Out of Washington Multi Operator
Out of Washington High Power
Out of Washington Low Power
Out of Washington QRP

In Washington:  (16)

Single Operator High Power
Single Operator Low Power
Single Operator QRP
Single Operator CW
Single Operator SSB
Single Operator Digital
Single Operator Mixed Mode
Multi Operator Single Transmitter
Expedition – Single Operator
Expedition – Multi Operator 1 Transmitter
Expedition – Multi Operator 2 Transmitter
Washington Mobile
Washington Mobile – Most Counties Activated
Washington Club Station – Multi Operator 1 Transmitter
Washington Club Station – Multi Operator 2 Transmitter
Washington Club Aggregate Score

Only one Smoked Salmon Award per Entry
8 oz packages (Multi-Op winners)
4 oz packages (Single-Op winners)
Minimum Number of QSO’s for Salmon Awards:  Out of WA: 50 In WA: 100

Sponsored Plaques:

Kip Edwards W6SZN:  Single Operator High Power Mixed Mode, Out of Washington,
2017 Winner:  WA6KHK

Kirk Bellar N7UK:  Single Operator Low Power, Out of Washington,
2017 Winner:  WN6K

Adam Blackmer, K7EDX:  DX Entry,
2017 Winner:  JA1YNE (JR1KKN Op.)

Dennis Kourkoumelis, K7DSE:  Washington Single-Op High Score,
2017 Winner:  W7ZZ

Walt Miller, K7ZQ:  Washington Expedition, Single Operator,
2017 Winner:  WS7L

Spokane DX Association:  Single Operator Low Power Mixed Mode, Eastern Washington,
2017 Winner:  K7GS

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