Salmon Run Multipliers

By | July 19, 2018


Washington stations:

  • Washington counties (39)
  • US States less WA (49) – District of Columbia counts as MD, Alaska and Hawaii count as states.
  • VE multipliers (8) per the California QSO Party rules:
    • Maritime-MAR (includes Nova Scotia, VE1-NS, New Brunswick, VE9-NB, Newfoundland/Labrador, VO1/VO2-NL, and Prince Edward Island, VY2-PE)
    • Quebec-QC (VE2);
    • Ontario-ON (VE3);
    • Manitoba-MAN (VE4);
    • Saskatchewan-SK (VE5);
    • Alberta-AB (VE6);
    • British Columbia-BC (VE7);
    • Northern Territories-NT (includes Nunavut VY0-NU, Yukon Territory VY1-YT, and Northwest Territory VE8-NT)
  • DXCC entities (US and VE do not count as separate DX entities) for multiplier credit

Non-Washington stations:

  • Washington counties (39 total)
  • Each multiplier may be counted ONLY ONCE regardless of mode or band
  • Mobile stations count multipliers ONLY ONCE and not once from each county activated