Salmon Run Award Sponsors Wanted

By | July 29, 2020

WWDXC is looking for clubs or individuals to sponsor 2020 Salmon Run Contest Awards.   The cost of sponsoring an award is $50.  WWDXC will order all of the plaques (including the EWA SO LP Mixed award), and we will deliver or ship the plaques to the winners. 

Individuals are welcome and encouraged to sponsor awards, but this year we are also encouraging local clubs to sponsor awards, to help promote the contest and increase participation.  I encourage those of you who are a member of a local club (especially large clubs such as Mike & Key, BEARS, Snoh County Hams Club, Cascade Radio Club, Radio Club of Redmond, Lake WA Ham Club, etc.) to ask your club to consider sponsoring an award, and to promote the SR contest to your club.

Two of the seven awards are already reserved for WA state clubs. Please see the list below for the list of awards needing sponsorship.  If you (or a club) would like to sponsor an award, please contact me off line. 

2020 Sponsor                                    Award

Stanwood Camano ARC                 WA Single-Op Top Score

Sponsor Needed                              WA Single-Op Low Power

Sponsor Needed                              Top Rover

Sponsor Needed                              DX Top Score

Sponsor Needed                              High Power non-WA

Sponsor Needed                              Low Power non-WA

Spokane DX Assn.                            EWA Single-Op Low Power Mixed

Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Sykes, NU7J
WWDXC Awards Chairman