January 2022 – Board Meeting Notes

By | February 3, 2022

WWDXC Board meeting January 25, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm PST by President, Rob N7QT.  Also present were Robin WA7CPA, Rich W6RS, Jack N7JP, Marv K7IU, Adam K7EDX, Justin K5EM and Dennis K7DSE. Not present were Tom NU7J, and Rusty, W6OAT. Robin volunteered to record the minutes. Rich left the meeting at 8 pm. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Adam K7EDX moved to approve the November minutes. Rich seconded the motion. The minutes were approved. 

Adam requested correspondence regarding a Mike and Key table from Dink N7WA be noted in the minutes. Rob N7QT will pick up the mail from the PO Box tomorrow.

The report provided by Brian N7RVD as of 12/31/2021 shows cash balance in treasury of $29, 475.01. Income December of $375.01 and expenditures of $41.27. That report was approved by voice.

Jack N7JP reported 15 renewals via Paypal, one of which was a re-join of a previously lapsed membership. The numbers are good relative to past history.

Adam K7EDX reported 8 badges shipped to new members.

Old Business

Confirmation of the 2022 calendar year Officers and Directors were announced. They are:

Robert Fanfant, President

Adam Blackmer, Vice President

Dennis Kourkoumelis, Treasurer

Tom Sykes, Secretary

Rich Stempien, Director

Rusty Epps, Director

Justin McAllister, Director

Jack Prendergrast, Director

Marv Shelton, Director

Robin Amundson, Director

Robin WA7CPA and Marv K7IU were welcomed as new board members for a 2-year term.

The projector purchase status was discussed. Dennis K7DSE recommended obtaining a club debit card to avoid individual board members needing to make large purchases with personal funds and waiting for reimbursement. Rob N7QT suggested a credit card instead for more liability protection. The Board agreed that a credit card was a good idea. Dennis reported a projector model has already been chosen. The purchase will wait until a credit card on the club account can be established.

Goals for 2022

  1. One-Password: Rob N7QT is tasked with a one-password implementation for the club so there is no reliance on any one individual for access to key software, website, etc. He stated this is a necessary solution to some access issues that occurred in 2021. Rob specifically mentioned Go Daddy as needing a new password implementation.
  2. Mike and Key: Adam K7EDX will follow up with reserving an information booth at Mike and Key as well as reserving one selling table for the purpose of selling silent key equipment from Kip, with all proceeds having been previously directed to benefit the club. One sellers table costs $34. Rob N7QT has custody of a solid state amp from another silent key with the proceeds needing to be split. An updated equipment list from Rich will be sent to the club to offer for sale. Rob N7QT volunteered to sell what he can online at QRZ or eHam and take on shipping items sold. The leftovers will be items to be taken to the Mike and Key flea market in March.
  3. New Member On-boarding: Robin WA7CPA volunteered to lead a new member onboarding project to create a template for ensuring new members feel welcomed and understand all the benefits of club membership and know how to access them. Marv volunteered to work with Robin as needed on that project. Justin K5EM suggested breakout rooms during meetings. Robin suggested personalized Zoom orientations for new members. Marv K7IU suggested an elmer list be developed as resources for new members.
  4. Website revision: Dennis K7DSE discussed the need for revision of the club website suggesting the new member onboarding project will highlight items needing revision.
  5. Budget Review: Rob N7QT said budget review will be a priority. Dennis K7DSE stated he has received all files from Brian N7RVD for his role as Treasurer. The need for accounting software was discussed and it was generally agreed that it would be beneficial to buy a monthly Quickbooks subscription which will cost the club approximately $30 per month.
  6. Salmon Run: Rob N7QT said this is the year to get the Salmon Run process automated, rules revision, and procedures set. He stated there will be no money accepted from other clubs for new awards because that created error and confusion adjudicating the 2021 contest.
  7. Bylaws Review: Rob N7QT said the bylaws need review and updating. Some discussion ensued with general agreement that the bylaws are very old. A committee will be formed for this project. It was generally agreed an attorney should be involved in the final drafting. There may be an attorney in the club who could help.
  8. Audio Visual Equipment/Screen: Due to the high expense of audio visual equipment rental for the DX Conventions a 2022 goal will be a joint venture with a memorandum of understanding with the Spokane DX Association and possibly other clubs who take turns putting on the DX conventions, to jointly purchase and service audio visual equipment. This is necessary to make putting on conventions affordable for each club. Discussions are already underway with SDXA.
  9. CQ Marathon: Get the annual CQ Marathon effort more organized at the beginning of the year to avoid the last minute difficulties and pressures on club members to overcome the technical challenges of getting their scores in. Rob N7QT shared his thoughts on how the process could be improved. Some discussion ensued.
  10. Club Programs: Craig Thompson, K9CT will present his station update to the club. Having more breakout rooms and social time with fun activities was suggested and discussed. More thought will be given to meeting design, with possibly omitting speakers for some meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Amundson, Director

OBO Tom Sykes