Feb 2022 – Board Meeting Notes

By | March 30, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm PST by Adam, K7EDX.  Also present were Robin WA7CPA, Rich W6RS, Jack N7JP, Adam K7EDX, Justin K5EM and Dennis K7DSE, Rusty, W6OAT, and Tom, NU7J.

Old Business:

  • The January minutes were approved. 


  • It was agreed that the club will not donate to the JW0X DXpedition, because this entity does not meet the required threshold on the most wanted list. 

Financial Report

  • The report provided by Dennis K7DSE as of 1/31/2022 shows cash balance in treasury of    $ 30.265.00. Income for January was $ 800.00 and expenditures were $ 10.18. The Treasury report was approved.
  • Robin WA7CPA agreed to receive the accounting software password from Dennis, in case a backup Treasurer is needed.
  • Dennis is arranging to have a credit card account set up for future large purchases, so that members don’t need to use their personal cards for larger club purchases (i.e. projector, etc.) 
  • Jack N7JP reported 19 renewals via Paypal, plus 4 new members (KF7WX, K5IB, KR7EED, N1CL).  Unfortunately, there were 3 Silent Keys:  John Zantek (W7CD), Harry Hudson (K7LAZ), and Norm Ray (W7LFA). 
  • The proposed budget will be revised to include the cost of a $1600 projector and $600 for the July picnic.  The Board will consider approving the budget in the March Board meeting. 


  • Robin and Marv created an introductory letter for new members.  The draft letter will be shared on groups.io for officer and board member review, feedback, and approval.   
  • We formed a committee to manage WWDXC website administrative issues.  Committee to be headed by Rob, N7QT.  It was suggested that members should include KB2S, K7DSE, and assistance from K5EM. 
  • Justin K5EM recommended a few urgent changes to the website, to correct outdated information.  Justin to coordinate with KB2S.

Salmon Run Update

  • All Salmon Run plaques and salmon have been shipped. 
  • The Salmon Run committee has finalized the rules changes.  Justin to coordinate with software vendors, to ensure that the necessary changes are incorporated in time.


  • WWDXC will have an information booth and one or two tables at the Mike & Key Swapfest in Puyallup on March 12.  Adam K7EDX is coordinating this.
  • The bylaws are outdated and need to be updated.  Officers and Board Members are asked to review the Club ByLaws before the next meeting.

New Business:

  • It was agreed that a club picnic will be held in July.  Date is TBD.  Robin to investigate possible locations (i.e. parks with pavilions).
  • March club zoom meeting to be a social gathering on zoom with breakout sessions, as opposed to having a presentation.   Justin and Adam to recommend ideas on how to structure the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Sykes, NU7J
WWDXC Secretary