March 2023 – Board Meeting Minutes

By | May 9, 2023

Monthly Meeting Minutes  –  28 Mar,  2023

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM by Rob, N7QT.  In attendance were Rob N7QT; Adam K7EDX; Robin WA7CPA; Rich W6RS; Dennis K7DSE; Tom NU7J; Jack N7JP; Justin K5EM; Rusty W6OAT.
  2.  Review/Approve Minutes: Approved Feb 28, 2023 meeting minutes.
  3. Correspondence:  No new correspondence 
  4. Treasurer Report: Approved Treasurer report from Feb, 2022.    The report provided by Dennis K7DSE as of Mar 28, 2023 reported a total balance in treasury of $27,365.41
    • Discussed opening a second savings account at an FDIC approved, on-line bank.  i.e., or Live Oak Bank.   (Current interest rate at Bread Financial is 4%).  On-line savings accounts can be linked to primary checking accounts, for money transfers. 
  5. Membership report: 1 new member, 2 renewals
  6. Old Business
    • Bylaws Update Project:  The revised by-laws was sent to members on March 28, for review and feedback, prior to vote at upcoming meeting.   
  7. New Business
    • website update process: Discussed ideas for how to keep website updated.  i.e. set up unique e-mail address for requesting and managing updates.  Reed KR7EED has volunteered to help with this.  
    • April Program: Most likely Al Rovner, K7AR
  8. Meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM.

  Meeting Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Tom NU7J.