NAANY Award – Nightmare Alex Alpha-Numeric Yearly Award

The WWDXC sponsors the truly unique “Nightmare Alex Alpha-Numeric Yearly Award.”

Few and far between, those who have received a NAANY quiver in the anticipation of a new year! It is one of the underground classics of ham radio and was conceived by former Totem Tabloid Editor, Jack Bock, K7ZR. To earn a NAANY you must QSO 250 of 260 possible alpha-numeric combinations consisting of the last number and the first letter of the station’s callsign, WITH STATIONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTINENT, in one calendar year. For example, JA1ABC counts as 1A, C21NI counts as 1N, VK9NS counts as 9N, and so on. The NAANY is available to all DXers, and can be endorsed for All SSB or All CW.

Now administered by the Club’s Award Manager, Tom Sykes, NU7J.  Please send award applications and any award questions to awards (at)