Membership Awards


Each December the WWDXC gives awards to members for service to the club.

The first award is Member of the Year, MOY – given to a member in recognition
of achievement, exemplary service, or serving as an example of good DXer

The second award is Most Valuable Player, MVP- given to a member whose
service to the club over time has been invaluable, allowing the club to
succeed on the air and in club activities. They’re always working to get the job done and make things run
smoothly for the rest of us.  Not only that, they display the kind of
public, on-the-air behavior and qualities that put us all in a good

The third award is Rookie of the Year, ROY.  This award goes to the new
member who has contributed the most to the club and the hobby through
involvement and enthusiasm.

From time to time, the club presents a member with the Johnny Dack Lifetime Achievement Award, JDLAA, for many years of service to the WWDXC.

Here is a patial list of past award winners.  We have no records prior to 2002, and 2003,2004 are also missing:

2002;                                                                   2016;

W7TSQ, Bob Preston, MOY                            K7GEX, Andy Anderson,MOY

WA0RJY, Jack Fleming, MVP                          K7RI, Tom Owens, MVP

K7RX, Kevin Nathan, ROY                               K5EM, Justin McAllister, ROY

2005;                                                                 W7OM, Rod Linkous, JDLAA

N6HR, Hillar Raamat, MOY

N9ADG, Brian Moran, MVP

W7JEN, Duncan Carmen, JDLAA


W7SNH, Denny Bowman, MOY

K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MVP

K6UFO, Mark Aaker, ROY


W7SNH, Denny Bowman, MOY co-winner

N7GCO, Mel Ming, MOY co-winner

N7BF, Alan Burgstahler, MVP

K7MO, Nick Winter, ROY

N7LSL, Marina Zuetell, JDLAA


N9ADG, Brian Moran, MOY

K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MVP

NW7D, Gordon Brousman, ROY

K7UU, Kurt Heidergott, JDLAA

W7JWJ, Harry Lewis, JDLAA

W7QGP, Mary Lewis, JDLAA


K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MOY

W7VV, Roger Huntley, MVP

W7QN, Joe Gregory, JDLAA


N7YX, Elsie Raamat, MOY

NG7Z, Paul Beringer, MVP

KD7H, Rob Gregory, ROY


K7BTW, Dick Swanson, MOY

NG7Z, Paul Beringer, MVP

N7EIE, Leroy Smith, ROY


K7EKD, Larry Hanson, MOY

W7WA, Dan Handa, MVP

N7RR, Bruce Prior, ROY

W7TSQ, Bob Preston, JDLAA


K7SR, Mike Fager, MOY co-winner

N7QT, Rob Fanfant, MOY co-winner

N7WA, Mike Dinkelman, MVP

N5CR, Conrad Romberg, ROY


W6SZN, Kip Edwards, MOY

K7RL, Mitch Mason MVP

KE7WUD, Alex Banbury, ROY

WA0RJY, Jack Fleming, JDLAA


W6RS, Rich Stempien, MOY

N7WA, Mike Dinkelman, MVP

K7VAP, Valerie Piggott, ROY
















 Yuri N3QQ Shares His Latest T48RRC IOTA Experience

with Highlights from Some of His Other Past IOTA 



2013 convention jpg

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2013 convention

Comm Academy

 Communications Academy


A training workshop for Volunteer

Emergency Communicators


"The 2013 Communications Academy – our 15th – will be held over the weekend

of April 13th & 14th and you’re invited!  CommAcademy will be held at South

Seattle Community College and features 30+presentations on emergency response,

emergency communications, radio basics, digital emergency communications,

recent major disasters, and disaster preparedness.  The theme for the 2013

CommAcademy is “Maintaining Readiness When Nothing Bad is Happening.” 

Lunch for both days is provided, morning refreshments are provided, there door

prizes, and exhibitors will be onsite with radios, software , clothing and lots of

other accouterments for what we do! Registration for 2013 CommAcademy is

now open at  Please join more than 250 of your

fellow emergency communicators from the Pacific Northwest and Western

Canada for a weekend of learning, camaraderie and information."


2012 PNW Convention



 AUG. 3-5 





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WACYA Award – Washington All CountY Activation

The WACYA (Washington All CountY Activation) award, pronounced "whack ya" is given to any station that submits proof of having made a Salmon Run QSO from all 39 Washington counties.  The QSOs can be on any mode valid for Salmon Run credit and can be from any Salmon Run contest sponsored by the WWDXC, beginning in 1991.  Contacts made while using the WWDXC club call (either W7FR or W7DX) are acceptable, as are QSOs made as part of a club or multi-operator team. Those achieving the award will have their call signs recorded on the WWDXC Salmon Run Web page and will also receive a handsome certificate.
Click Here for the WACYA Application Form





Quarter Century Appliance Operators 

The Quarter Centry Appliance Operators (QCAO) is an exclusive club for those amateur radio operators who, even after 25 or more years of practice, still pick up soldering irons by the wrong end because they just can't get the hang of this soldering stuff. They never design their own circuits. They often just wrap wires together rather than try their hand at soldering.

All QCAO members want to do is buy a nice radio with clearly marked dials and work lots of DX and contests.


Danny, K7SS, Grand Poobah of the QCAO, with his membership certificate


Annual Club Picnic


Annual Club Picnic

Every August, in lieu of a regular membership meeting, the club hosts a picnic at a member's QTH. 

WWDXC Annual DXCC Award

WWDXC Annual DXCC Award 

This award is available to WWDXC members for working 100 DXCC countries in one calendar year.  No QSLs are required for this award.

No QSLs are required for this award, this is a "fun" award. This award can be endorsed for SSB, CW, QRP, single bands, and special cases (wire antennas, straight key, etc.). Currently administered by Jim Hadlock, K7WA.



The WWDXC sponsors the truly unique "Nightmare Alex Alpha-Numeric Yearly Award."

Few and far between, those who have received a NAANY quiver in the anticipation of a new year! It is one of the underground classics of ham radio and was conceived by former Totem Tabloid Editor, Jack Bock, K7ZR. To earn a NAANY you must QSO 250 of 260 possible alpha-numeric combinations consisting of the last number and the first letter of the station's callsign, WITH STATIONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTINENT, in one calendar year. For example, JA1ABC counts as 1A, C21NI counts as 1N, VK9NS counts as 9N, and so on. The NAANY is available to all DXers, and can be endorsed for All SSB or All CW. Currently administered by Jim Hadlock, K7WA.


The Washington Totem Award

Totem Awards issued is a

List of all Totem Award holders.

The Washington

Totem Award

The Western Washington DX Club, the Northwest’s largest and most active DX group takes pleasure in issuing the first major W7 award. This award is issued to any licensed radio amateur who submits proof of two-way radio contact with the state of Washington. The totem pole shown on our card and colorful certificate is typical of the totem poles once found in the state of Washington.

The Washington

Totem Award Rules


1. Applicants must submit proof of QSOs with 100 different Washington stations. Twenty (20) of these must be confirmed contacts with different Western Washington DX Club members. DX Stations need only confirm 25 Washington stations including 10 WWDXC members.

2. General certification rule applies. Submission of QSL cards is not required. Your cards may be checked and certified by an officer of any recognized Amateur Radio Society or Club. DX stations may submit log data in lieu of QSL card confirmation.

3. All contacts must be dated January 1, 1973 or later.

4. Certified lists submitted should be in alphabetical order with date and time in GMT.

5. The WASHINGTON TOTEM AWARD is free to all stations outside of the United States. U.S. stations must include an application fee of $1.00. If QSL cards are sent to WWDXC for checking, sufficient postage must be included with the application and confirmation list for their return via first class mail.

6. SPECIAL ENDORSEMENT: The “WASHINGTON TOTEM AWARD” may be issued for specific bands or modes if all supporting information is included with the application.

7. Membership Lists:  Current Active Members, All-Time Members, Silent Keys.


Activities Overview

Get Togethers

    * Monthly Membership Meetings (Second Tuesday of each month)
    * Annual Club Picnic (August)
    * Board of Directors' Meetings (First Monday of each month)
    * Annual Election of Officers (December)
    * Northwest DX Convention (Every third year – 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.)
    * Propagation Enhancement Ceremonies (Occasionaly in the summer)