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1999 Salmon Run Results

Callsign Score County/State/DX Entry Class and Notes AD7U 292,032 Island Low Power K7QQ 269,630 Kitsap High Power N7PP 198,640 Pierce High Power W7QN 161,262 King Low Power W7FLY 126,896 Island Low Power KD7H 75,152 Okanogan Low Power KK7RX 67,080 Okanogan Low Power AA7EJ 60,792 King Low Power N7KE 60,102 King Low Power K7PAR 53,856 Wahkiakum Low Power N7AAL… Read More »

Salmon Run Multipliers

MULTIPLIERS Washington stations: Washington counties (39) US States less WA (49) – District of Columbia counts as MD, Alaska and Hawaii count as states. VE multipliers (8) per the California QSO Party rules: Maritime-MAR (includes Nova Scotia, VE1-NS, New Brunswick, VE9-NB, Newfoundland/Labrador, VO1/VO2-NL, and Prince Edward Island, VY2-PE) Quebec-QC (VE2); Ontario-ON (VE3); Manitoba-MAN (VE4); Saskatchewan-SK (VE5); Alberta-AB (VE6); British… Read More »

2017 Salmon Run Sponsored Awards

Sponsored Plaques: Kip Edwards W6SZN:  Single Operator High Power Mixed Mode, Out of Washington, 2017 Winner:  WA6KHK Kirk Bellar N7UK:  Single Operator Low Power, Out of Washington, 2017 Winner:  WN6K Adam Blackmer, K7EDX:  DX Entry, 2017 Winner:  JA1YNE (JR1KKN Op.) Dennis Kourkoumelis, K7DSE:  Washington Single-Op High Score, 2017 Winner:  W7ZZ Walt Miller, K7ZQ:  Washington Expedition, Single Operator, 2017… Read More »

Activate a County for Salmon Run

  If you’re going to activate a county in the Salmon Run, please let a WWDXC officer know, or email the information to, and we’ll add it to the list!  Please tell us which days/hours, bands, and modes where people can find you.  The Activate a County List is a way to inform hams around the world… Read More »