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2008 Salmon Run Results

2008 Salmon Run Results The relatively final and official results from the 2008 Salmon Run are now available… A summary of the event The Top Ten list The Washington Results The Out-Of-Washington Results

2008 Salmon Run Logs Received

This is a list of the email and paper logs (219 so far!) that we have received as of noon on October 31st.  Please send your log to A35RK AA0A AA5JG AB1EP AB4GG AB7RW AD5VC AD5YU AD7T AD7UP AE5JA AE5PW

Salmon Run 2008 Reserve a County

2008 Washington State Salmon Run Reserve a County  If you're going to activate a county in the 2008 Salmon Run, please let a WWDXC officer know, or email brianMO at-sign yahoo dot com with the information, and we'll add it

2008 Salmon Run

   Washington State Salmon Run Contest    LOGS RECEIVED September 20-21, 2008    

2008 Salmon Run Prizes

  2008 Washington State Salmon Run Prizes  All prizes are smoked salmon (a piece of smoked salmon – not an entire fish!) unless otherwise noted. To qualify for a prize, the minimum number of QSO's required is – DX 25;

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