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2010 Salmon Run Results

     2010 Washington Salmon Run

2010 Salmon Run

   Washington Salmon Run    2010 Results Writeup:  Results2010 Out of WA Scores:  Out_of_WA2010 In WA Scores (rev. 12/12/2010):  In_WA Smoked Salmon Prizes and Plaques:  Awards We'll see you in the 2011 Salmon Run September 17 – 18, 2011!

2010 FAQ

Salmon Run FAQ:     Although we do our best to be accurate and complete, there are always more questions –   Q:  What about Logging Programs? A:  WriteLog has prepared a revision to the Salmon Run module covering rule

2010 Reserve A County

2010 Washington State Salmon Run Reserve a County  If you're going to activate a county in the 2010 Salmon Run, please let a WWDXC officer know, or email salmonrun (at-sign) wwdxc (dot) org the information, and we'll add it to the list! The "Reserve a

2010 Prizes

2010 Salmon Run Prize List: Prizes, unless otherwise noted, are packages of Smoked Salmon.  To qualify for a Salmon Prize the minimum number of QSO's required is  DX:  25,  Out of WA:  50, WA Stations:  100.  Only one Salmon Prize

2010 Salmon Run – Logs Received

2010 Salmon Run – Logs Received The following logs have been received for the 2010 Salmon Run.  These were submitted via  and via mail at WWDXC, PO Box 395, Mercer Island, WA 98040. If you submitted a log, and

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