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2012 Salmon Run


2012 Washington Salmon



September 15-16, 2012


Welcome to the 2012 Washington Salmon Run webpage.  This is where

you will find information on the 2012 Salmon Run and links which will

be helpful for your operation and entry submission.  If you are not

familar with the Cabrillo logging format, please review the Cabrillo

section (below) as we are attempting to improve our log-checking

and scoring processes this year.  If you have questions for the FAQ

section please send them to:
Thanks for your interest and participation in the 2012 Salmon Run!
Paul  NG7Z, Rob KD7H, and Jim  K7WA
2012 Salmon Run RESULTS 
2012 Salmon Run LOGS RECEIVED
2012 Salmon Run (updated) Rules 
2012 Reserve a County
Rules Clarifications:  County Line
Smoked Salmon Awards and other Prizes
General Questions:  FAQ
Cabrillo Log Format
WA Counties
WA Counties & Population Map (tnx WA7KVC)
The Washington Salmon Run subscribes to the

World Wide Radio Operators Foundation

Contester Code of Ethics

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