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March 14, 2017

Grant KZ1W spent most of January 2017 on a expedition

cruise ship, traveling to the Falklands, South Georgia,

and the Antarctic Peninsula.  He operated MM a bit aboard

the ship.  His slide and video presentation at the March

meeting will discuss operating MM on a cruise ship, an

introduction to Antarctica, whaling, penguins and seals,

Shackleton’s epic rescue of his crew, and

Grant’s visit with Bob, VP8LP.


Rob’s 125 Street Grill

Located at 125th and Aurora Ave N

Dinner at 6:30 with the program starting at 7:30

Dinner $20 including tax and tip

 $25 if no notification of intent to attend

given by 2 PM Sunday, March 12th

Please RSVP your dinner plans to Adam, K7EDX at

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