DX Canasta


Let’s Play DX Canasta!
By Ward Silver, NØAX, Danny Eskenazi, K7SS, and Jack Fleming, WAØRJY, and others…

   The Great REAL New Millennium 2001 Five Watt Marathon was such a success in 2001 that some of us were wondering how to top it in 2002.  A lot of ideas were tossed about and eventually we came up with an event that should keep everyone close to their radio dials during the new year…

"DX Canasta 2002"

   Every month, play a different "hand" based on major award programs. The goal is to make "DX Canastas" and acquire "DX Jokers" by working towards the major awards each month during 2002, starting on 1 Jan. Each month the "suit" changes to a new award.

   Points are counted for each new hand starting on the first of each subsequent month. Special Jokers are listed for each month. (If you aren't familiar with the rules of canasta, point your browser at www.pagat.com/rummy/canasta.html)
   The points acquired for each player are totaled every month. They are also added to a yearly total. There is a monthly certificate and the person with the most total points at the end of the year gets the traveling trophy, like it or not.

The "Suits"

WAS (January, May, September): each state counts 1 point
DXCC (February, June, October): each entity counts 1 point (6-meter entities count 5 points each)
IOTA (March, July, November): each IOTA island counts 1 point
WAZ (April, August, December): each zone counts 1 point

Contest QSOs are encouraged! Note that each suit (except WAZ) has at least one month in which a contest highlights that particular suit.

The "Canastas"

   100 additional points are scored for completing a "canasta" during the month.  A canasta is achieved by qualifying for any one of the basic awards in a single month.  That means 40 zones (WAZ), 100 countries (DXCC), all 50 states (WAS), or 100 IOTA islands (IOTA 100 – see the IOTA web site at www.rsgbiota.org for rules).

The "Jokers"

Jokers score 25 points each and will be announced for each month as deemed suitable by the award managers.


Work any 20 state capital cities (25 point "joker" bonus)

Work the following VE provinces – Quebec (VE2), Ontario (VE3), Manitoba (VE4), Saskatchewan (VE5), Alberta (VE6), Br. Columbia (VE7), Prince Edward Island (VY2), Nova Scotia (VE1), New Brunswick (VE9), Newfoundland-Labrador (VO1-VO2), NW Territories (VE8), Yukon – Nunavut (VY1/VYØ) (work all 12 for a 25 point "joker" bonus)


   There are three power levels – QRP (<10 watts), Low Power (<200 watts), and High Power (> 200 watts). Participants can play a hand at each power level simultaneously if they wish.

There is no mode restriction, although all-SSB, all-CW, all-RTTY, etc. will be noted.


As often as you like post your totals to
wwdxc-canasta@yahoogroups.com and they will be magically added to the club web site. The person with the highest monthly total will get a nice certificate so even if you aren't going to play every month, you can have a good time and win a hand. Please send…

• Number of points scored for the month
• Any canastas and jokers achieved
• Your power category (QRP, LP, HP)
• Any special notes – single-mode, single-band, all left-handed, mobile, etc. Also add your soapbox commentary about the best contact, most exciting moment, funniest thing, and so on.

Questions? Send them to Ward Silver, NØAX, or Jack Fleming, WAØRJY, or wwdxc-canasta@yahoogroups.com! Better yet, send an email message to wwdxc-canasta-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the email list and be included in all announcements, questions, and extra canasta activities!

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