Membership Benefits

Membership in the WWDXC provides the opportunity for comradery, DX Community, teamwork, coupled with a spirit of friendly competition.

Members of the Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) are part of one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast.  They benefit from the exchange of ideas and information with other avid DXers.  Regular meetings and email exchanges keep members caught up on DX news.

The objective of WWDXC is to pursue the pleasures and benefits of associating with persons commonly interested in amateur radio, furthering cooperation among its members and fostering interest in long-distance (DX) communications.  WWDXC supports activities associated with DX operations and by encourages the interchange of technical information and communications with other DX clubs.

WWDXC publicizes and supports amateur radio in the Seattle area communities by providing technical advancement seminars to already licensed operators and by participating in area-wide operating activities.


To join the WWDXC or sponsor a new member, print out and mail in the Electronic Membership Application Form,

Annual dues, including a subscription to The Totem Tabloid are $25.00.

TO RENEW: If you are a renewing member, you can renew online by using your own PayPal account.   In your account, click “pay or send money.”  Then click “pay for goods or services” and in the box that asks for email or mobile number enter “” and proceed. Where it says “add a note” be sure to enter your callsign.

You can also renew by sending a check to:

Western Washington DX Club
PO Box 395
Mercer Island, WA 98040