Salmon Run 2008 Reserve a County


2008 Washington State Salmon Run Reserve a County 

If you're going to activate a county in the 2008 Salmon Run, please let a WWDXC officer know, or email brianMO at-sign yahoo dot com with the information, and we'll add it to the list!  Here are the rules for 2008

The South Hill Contest Club, N7PP, is pleased to announce our Salmon Run operation this year from Garfield CountyWe will be operating Expedition Class from 80 thru 10 meters
Operators will include: Harry, K7LAZ, Nick K7MO, Clay K7CR, Don AC7FA and Linda, KE7FKX..

The AARC. W7PU group will again do the Salmon Run this from Grays Harbor County. .We will be operating Expedition Class from 80 thru 10 meters.

Will be on all bands from my home QTH – Yakima County  — Clay Brown – K7HC / V31HC

I Plan on being mobile in Clallam County.. I will be running 10-80M it will be my 1st real try at a contest.. Dan/KD7UFF

I will be activating Pierce County for Salmon Run under QRP class, 5w,
all bands, with my Yaesu FT-817. I look forward to building up my QRP contact
count. – Gary K7EK

KB7HDX will be on from the Yakima/Kittitas county line once again, and will be ready to run with the masses during the Saturday night 75 meter slug fest. — Mark J. Tharp KB7HDX
Put me down for low power, Island county! – Tom N7WI
We will be activating King (KING) county again this year for the Salmon Run – details:  We will be using the special event call sign K7S (King 7 Salmon) on both days; We will be operating at Valley Camp North Bend WA;  Larry da Ponte -N7BCP
W7FLY (BEARONS) will be active from Island County for the entire contest period.(Ops W7GD, KN7T)
NEW PLAN – SEE BELOW – I've changed my route to hit the counties that appeared to not have activity – so I'll be starting at the Whatcom/Skagit county line and heading generally east to end up at the Ferry/Stevens county line for the night.  Then heading down US-395 to Kennewick on Sunday and back to Seattle via I-82 and I-80.  19 counties total if I hit all of them…  – K7ED/m (WA0RJY op)

I plan to have my truck on the road in the eastern part of the state this year. My nine year old daughter will be with me, so mobile operations will be somewhat less ambitious than in previous years for WN7T/M. We hope to begin in the Yakima area Saturday morning, will sweep the southeast counties, and then head northeast. Sunday we will work the northeast counties back toward Seattle. Operational plans include mixed mode with SSB, CW, PSK31, maybe RTTY with playtime in local parks along the way. Bands of operation will include 160 – 6 meters, if all goes well. Also, if my Kenwood TM700A cooperates, we plan to deploy APRS on 2 meters with a 2X2 cell spread. I hope everyone has a fun and safe contest this year. Good fishing to all! – Paul WN7T

With Paul, WN7T, traveling through the eastern part of the state, I'm again changing my plan.  Now I'll be heading to San Juan County (the only one I've never operated from).  I'll take a Saturday morning ferry up there and come back on Sunday – active from the car using the hamsticks on the high bands during the day and low bands after the sun goes down.  Hopefully, this will be my final change in plans (it's getting close to departure time!).  – K7ED/m (WA0RJY op) 


Low Bands – 160, 80, 40

High Bands – 20, 15, 10, 6

Adams (ADA)

N7GCO (Saturday)

N7GCO (Saturday)

Asotin (ASO)



Benton (BEN)



Chelan (CHE)



Clallam (CLAL)



Clark (CLAR)



Columbia (COL)



Cowlitz (COW)



Douglas (DOU)



Ferry (FER)



Franklin (FRA)

N7GCO (Sunday)

N7GCO (Sunday)

Garfield (GAR)



Grant (GRAN)



Grays Harbor (GRAY)



Island (ISL)

                N7WI, W7FLY

                       N7WI, W7FLY

Jefferson (JEFF)


King (KING)

 * K7S

 * K7S

Kitsap (KITS)


Kittitas (KITT)



Klickitat (KLI)



Lewis (LEW)



Lincoln (LIN)



Mason (MAS)


Okanogan (OKA)



Pacific (PAC)


Pend Oreille (PEND)



Pierce (PIE)


                     K7EK – QRP, N7EIE

San Juan (SAN)



Skagit (SKAG)

                   N7AN                        N7AN

Skamania (SKAM)



Snohomish (SNO)


Spokane (SPO)


Stevens (STE)



Thurston (THU)

                     N7EIE                       N7EIE

Wahkiakum (WAH)


Walla Walla (WAL)



Whatcom (WHA)



Whitman (WHI)

 N7GCO (Sunday)

N7GCO (Sunday)

Yakima (YAK)


  K7HC, KB7HDX, K7ED/m 

* = Hi Ham Density, likely covered by hams-in-situ


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