2007 Salmon Run


Salmon Run 2007 – Huge Success!

The 2007 Salmon Run was a great success with plenty of mobile and portable stations around Washington making all 39 counties available!  The 2008 Salmon Run is September 20-21, 2008 – see you then!

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W7SNH is getting ready:

Denny Getting ready for 2007 Salmon Run



Uh oh, KE7MAM's already caught one!


Got One!


Let's see what's on the line as Salmon Run Soapbox!

 Good to hear some old friends from the great north west. Great contest again this year – see you in 2008 and I maybe mobile!! (AA7FY)

Drove 1100 miles and enjoyed every minute of it (AB7RW)

Now that was fun, had a great time. My score was ten times what it was last year and only missed 5 counties, probably because I took too many breaks- hi hi. Also, 72% of my contacts were on cw. I hope next year I can get a clean sweep, see everyone then. (AD5WI)

1st "Salmon Run",had fun,heard everyone great,wish there were more on the Air! (AE1P)

Nice to work some old friends from WA (EA7TN)

Had a great time working the contest. (K9AIH)

Had fun. Thanks! (KB5DRJ)

Great contest, thanks everyone! (KD9GRD)

First time in the Salmon Run (recent general license upgrade) – lots of fun (KC9GZB)

This was a great QSO Party. All great operators. Had a blast. See you all next year! (KD7MSC)

Not as many CW stations as expected, but kept naps to a minimum. Mobile CW signals usually good. (KN4Y)

This is my second log this year. My grandson drove, my mini-van Sunday while I was in the right seat operating CW. He was surpried I got 65 contacts in just 6 hours. CU next year. (N7EIE)

What a blast that was. Much better than last year and with the addition of PSK31 digital mode this year, I was able to fill in the slow peiords with more contacts. Kudos to the mobile ops who provided the rare WA counties. (NG7Z)

This has become one of mi favorite State QSO parties; no surprise as a county hunter. It seems that there are always fixed stations around in other counties than previous years. Worked 3 new ones out of 14 to go. Tks fer all the work es mobiling. cu next year. (PA3ARM)

Sorry, I couldn't work more hours. Tried other bands, but 20 meters was the only one cooperating. See you next year ! (W1WIU)

Great fun as always…See you next year !…73 (W7NNN)

What a great contest and road trip. Thanks for a great time! (WN7T)

I am very sorry I usually have many more QSO's in this log. I had problems finding WA stations. It seems like conditions were poor. A couple of my QSO's were in conjunction with NA Sprint SSB. I presently have 33 0f the 39 WA Counties. I hope next year is better. 73's (K6CSL)

Always fun working this contest. (W0JPL)

Thanks to WN7T/M for roving! (WA7PRC)

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