Salmon Run Rules or contact the current club president (see  All operators may operate all 23 hours of the contest.                                             Washington Single-Operator, All Band (WA-SOAB)Mode: CW, Phone, Digital, MixedWashington Club Station (MOST-CLUB)Washington Non-Club (MOST-WA)                           Single-operator (MOB-SO)One individual does all of the driving and operatingMode:  Mixed mode only                                    Single-operator (NOM-SO)One individual does all of the station set-up, driving and operatingMode:  Mixed mode only         WashingtonSingle-operator, Single-transmitter (EXP-SOST)Mode:  Mixed-mode onlyMode:  Mixed-mode onlyThe Washington County Expedition class is intended for those who cannot go true mobile, but would like to activate some rare counties by going to a state park or farmer’s field and throwing up a dipole or other portable antenna “Field Day Style”.                                                                                         

  • A single transmitted signal is allowed at any time except for Washington County DXpedition, two-transmitter entries.
  • All contacts must be made without the assistance of intermediary stations, such as repeaters, digipeaters, satellites, etc.
  • A station that changes counties may be contacted againf or point and multiplier credit.
  •, click “County Line Definition” in the left hand menu


  • stations: RS(T) and County
  • 2 points for Phone
  • 4 points for CW and Digital

  • The same station may be worked for QSO points on each band on Phone, CW, and Digital.
  • CW and Digital QSOs must be in the CW/Data sub-bands.

KH6 and KL7 may be counted as either a state or as a DXCC entity                 

  • Total = QSO points from all bands x total multipliers + Special Bonus Station bonus points
  • Cabrillo format logs are encouraged.                           Summary sheet listing QSO totals by mode, total
    multipliers, and final claimed score
    P.O. Box 395entity and each US call district.See awards page at for current list.All decisions of judges are final.