2009 Salmon Run – Logs Received


2009 Salmon Run – Logs Received

The following logs have been received for the 2009 Salmon Run.  These were submitted via salmonrun@wwdxc.org  and via mail at WWDXC, PO Box 395, Mercer Island, WA 98040. If you submitted a log, and don't see it listed here after a reasonable period (3-4 days), please re-submit.

PLEASE put your callsign in the SUBJECT line of your e-mail –


Logs received as of October 31, 2009:

AA0A         K9OZ            N7AN            W7DG
AA5JG       K9QH            N7BT            W7DK
AB9TU       KA3NZR        N7DRK          W7DX
AC3D         KA7BHW       N7EIE           W7FLY
AC7GP      KB5DRJ         N7GTW         W7GKF/6
AD5WI       KB7HDX         N7INV           W7GVE
AD7AF       KB7STO         N7IZ             W7IU
AD7HE       KB8FZY         N7KE           W7KAM
AD7T         KB9S              N7LR           W7LAS
AD7XV       KC0YHU         N7MAL         W7LKG
AE2T         KC7H              N7NJO         W7LN
AE7DB      KC7KCJ          N7NKO         W7MB
AF6EV      KC8UNR          N7PP           W7ND
AF7O        KC9KIO           N7VPN         W7NNN
CU2JT       KD1OG            N7WI           W7OM
DL3GA      KD4ICT            N7YRT         W7PRC
DL4FN       KD5RSS         N8II              W7PU
DL5AWI     KD7JGI           N9AUG         W7QC
GM3POI    KD7MSC         NA3V            W7QN
I0QM         KD8ACO         NB4F            W7TSQ
JE3GUG    KE0G              NB4M           W7VAS
JR1NKN     KE7LOQ         NC6RJ          W7VXS
K0HNC       KE7NVA         ND3R           W7WMO
K0IE          KE7TM     
NE7L            W7YH
K0JPL        KF7CSQ         NG7Z            W7YKM
K1GIG        KG6YPH         NI7R            W8DQ
K1GU         KG6ZHC          NT2A           W8KNO
K2BBQ       KG7E             NU7J            W9ILF
K2SX          KG9JP            NW7D          WA0LJM
K3SV         KH6GMP         OQ5M          WA0WWW
K3TN         KI4FW             SP5SA         WA1OUI
K3TW        KI7DG              VA7ST         WA1Z
K4BAI        KJ4WD            VE1OP         WA2LXE
K4GM        KJ8O               VE3CWU      WA2VQV
K4GOP      KK7JL              VE3GXW      WA2VYA
K4LRP       KM6I                VE3HUR       WA3HAE
K4XU         KN4Y               VE5BCS        WA5SWN
K4ZGB      KO9G               VE7RSV        WA5ZUP
K5BZH      KS4X                W0BH           WA7BRL
K5LH        KS7S                W1DWA        WA7HDZ
K5MMH    KV8Q                W1END         WA7KYI
K5QQ       KW4JS              W1KDA         WA7SRZ
K5TTT       KW7N               W1NN            WA9ZES
K6KR/7     KX7L                 W2CVW        WB2ABD
K6VAR      LR1A                W2TB            WB2RHM/4
K6WSC     N0AX               W2UDT           WB5BKL
K7ANE      N0BK              W3BP             WB5RYB
K7AR        N0IBT              W3HDH           WB8JUI
K7DS   &n
N0JE               W3PLJ            WB8WKQ
K7EKM     N0KM              W4BK             WC2Z
K7GLM      N0WOK           W4RQ            WC7Q
K7HBN      N1AIA             W4UCZ            WD8RYC
K7HRW     N1IX                W4ZPR           WF7T
K7IA          N1NN              W5ESE          WI7F
K7II            N2BJ              W5HB            WR9Y
K7INA        N2CU              W5QLF          WX7DX
K7KHC      N3KR              W6AEA/7       WX7P
K7MCR      N3QQ              W6AFA         YO7ARY/W1
K7MY        N4BP              W6AQ            YO9HP
K7NWS     N4DW             W6GMT           
K7OX         N4IG               W6IYS 
K7QQ        N4MM             W6KY  
K7S           N4ZI                W6RA  
K7UK        N5NA               W6SJ  
K8GT        N5WLA            W7AFA
K8VFR      N5YE               W7AML
K9AIH       N6KW              W7AUM
K9CW       N6MU              W7BJN
K9EN        N6QZS            W7CEG
K9OSC      N7AAL            W7CH



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