Salmon Run Rules

Washington Salmon Run Rules SPONSORED BY WESTERN WASHINGTON DX CLUB Updated – July 26, 2018 Rules Manager: Contact the Salmon Run Committee or the current WWDXC Secretary Please Note: Logs: Log review has become the most challenging part of running a QSO Party. Please help us by following these guidelines: Email your Cabrillo Log to: as an… Read More »


Club meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Informal “DX Lunch” gatherings are held around club territory as organized by the club’s members. If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to attend a meeting or informal lunch or email for more information.

QSL Cards and Callsign Badges

QSL Cards Western Washington DX Club members can order cards printed with their callsign and the WWDXC Logo. WWDXC has partnered with UX5UO for QSL card printing. To order email with the details of what you’d like on the card (callsign, address, etc) or Skype UB5UKO. Cards can be ordered for $66/1000, including delivery to the US.… Read More »


Membership Benefits Membership in the WWDXC provides the opportunity for comradery, DX Community, teamwork, coupled with a spirit of friendly competition. Members of the Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) are part of one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast.  They benefit from the exchange of ideas and information with other avid DXers. … Read More »

Monthly DX Lunch

The Western Washington DX Club members gather for informal lunchtime meetings, thrice a month, and breakfast every week. South Center The first Tuesday will be at the Claim Jumper Restaurant at South Center [5001 South 180th Street which is at the southeast corner of South Center Parkway and 180th]. Northgate The third Tuesday will be in the North… Read More »


The Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) is one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast. Our members are licensed amateur radio operators who have an interest in DX (distance) communications and radio contest operating. The WWDXC is an ARRL-affiliated club. The Club… …sponsors the Washington State Salmon Run annual operating contest. …competes for… Read More »

2013 Membership Awards

Western Washington DX Club, one of the west coast’s largest and most active amateur radio clubs, is pleased to announce it’s 2013 Membership Awards. Each year, WWDXC honors members for their service to the club, amateur radio spirit, and DX citizenship. The Rookie of the Year award went to Conrad Romberg N5CR.  Conrad recently moved to Greenbank on… Read More »

March 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

WWDXC BOARD MEETING March 29th 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 7:00pm. Present were Denny W7SNH, Marina N7LSL, Paul NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Pat W7GTO, Elsie N7YX, Kurt N7UK. Joe W7QN could not make it due to illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Review/approve minutes The February minutes were approved by a… Read More »

Totem Tabloid

The award winning Totem Tabloid is published monthly (except in August) by the Western Washington DX Club and is emailed and made available on the web to all active members. The Tabloid depends on submissions of articles and news items from its readers. Send all items of interest to the Tabloid editor. (Nota Bene:  With the passing of… Read More »