The Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) is one of the largest and most active radio clubs on the West Coast. Our members are licensed amateur radio operators who have an interest in DX (distance) communications and radio contest operating. The WWDXC is an ARRL-affiliated club.

The Club…

Club meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Informal “DX Lunch” gatherings are held around club territory as organized by the club’s members.

WWDXC members stay in close touch through the club’s newsletter, The Totem Tabloid, via the internet using the club’s e-mail reflector, and over the club’s W7DX repeater (147.00- 103.5PL).  Membership in the WWDXC provides the opportunity for comradery, DX Community, teamwork, coupled with a spirit of  friendly competition.

Club News

Salmon Run Chair Changes

After successfully running the annual Salmon Run contest for the past 25 years, Jim Hadlock/K7WA has passed the chairmanship to Mike Dinkelman/N7WA.  Quite possibly the best state QSO party of them all, the Salmon Run has steadily grown in the number of participants through the years, a direct result of Jim’s marketing and mentorship.  With much to do… Read More »

Club Picnic is July 21st

On Saturday July 21st, we will be hosting our annual picnic at Rob Fanfant N7QT’s house on Union Hill in Redmond. Dickey’s BBQ will be providing most of the food for the event. The picnic will start around 4pm and taper off around 7pm. We’ll be having pulled pork, chopped brisket with side dishes of creamy coleslaw, BBQ… Read More »

Club Adds Facebook Group

In addition to standing up a new web site, the Club has now established a Facebook Group. If you are a Facebook user, simply navigate to https://www.facebook.com/groups/wwdxc/ and join us.  We have 5 administrators for the group, so your membership request will be reviewed within a few hours. The FB Group provides a nice social media watering hole… Read More »

Western Washington DX Club Supports 3C1L/3C0L, Equatorial Guinea

For Immediate Release Seattle Washington, September 2017 Western Washington DX Club Sponsors the 3C1L/3C0L DXPedition to Equatorial Guinea The Western Washington DX Club, one of the largest and most active amateur radio clubs on the west coast has provided minor sponsorship for a single operator destined for Equatorial Guinea, Solomon Islands (IOTA AF-010/AF-039). YL2GM and YL3AIW will be… Read More »

2013 Membership Awards

Western Washington DX Club, one of the west coast’s largest and most active amateur radio clubs, is pleased to announce it’s 2013 Membership Awards.

Each year, WWDXC honors members for their service to the club, amateur radio spirit, and DX citizenship.

The Rookie of the Year award went to Conrad Romberg N5CR.  Conrad recently moved to Greenbank on Whidbey island from the South.  Quickly after moving, he started coming to the club meetings.  Definitely not a short travel!  He also became active on the club reflector and active in the Traveling Trophy contests.  His high level of activity fueled the club into wanting to honor him with this award.  Thank you for your enthusiasm Conrad!

This year we had two Member of the Year award winners.  Mike Fager K7SR and Rob Fanfant N7QT.

Two years ago Mike took on the certificates for the Salmon Run,  both the printed and emailed ones.   This is no easy task and time consuming!   Mike is also a regular at club meetings and an avid tinkerer/builder.  Thanks for all your hard work Mike!

Rob’s radio activity has really sky-rocketed.  Rob is active on the air but not just from his Eastside home.  This last year saw Rob head off to Saint Lucia J6, The Austral Islands TX5 (along with club member Grant KZ1W),  Saba PJ6, and Sint Maarten PJ7.  Not bad for one year!  Rob’s trips are a great promotion for the club!  Thanks for giving back to ham radio Rob!

Our Most Valuable Player award went to Mike Dinkleman N7WA.  With the moving of Paul NG7Z, we were left with a hole to fill for scoring the Salmon Run.  Dink enthusiastically stepped right in and did a fantastic job finishing in record time.  He also has reassumed tracking the Traveling Trophy scores for the club.  Recently he went on a little trip of his own to PJ2T.  There for the CQWW CW contest he ran the 15m station contributing around 3,000 contacts!   Thanks for all your hard work Mike!



March 2010 Board Meeting Minutes


March 29th 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital

Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 7:00pm.

Present were Denny W7SNH, Marina N7LSL, Paul NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Pat W7GTO, Elsie N7YX, Kurt N7UK. Joe W7QN could not make it due to illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Review/approve minutes

The February minutes were approved by a voice vote.


E-mail received from Alex UT5UY requesting funding for Samoa, Central Kiribati and Tokelau.

None of these are in the top 100 on the west coast.

Adam will compose a reply to Alex.

E-mail from Edward Addy about the North American Center for Emergency Communications. We declined the invitation to join.

E-mail from Al Rovner K7AR offering his DX node to our members. No action required.

Treasurer’s Report

The February report was approved.


Jim reported that we received three new memberships. They are Robert Gregory KD7H, Kirkland James Brossard AD7UZ, Mill Creek and Bill Vodall WA7NWP, Redmond. Additionally, Bill W7VP, Sam WC7Q, Jeff K7JF (he renewed for 4 years) renewed their memberships.

Traffic at the Puyallup table seemed down from the past few years – still had lots of semi-interested inquiries – it’s probably worth continuing.  I have exchanged a few emails with Matt Barton who sent an e-mail to the Club asking about ham radio but haven’t met him yet. I will be doing two presentations at the Comm Academy on Sunday April 11, Antenna Modeling and High Frequency 101.

Old Business

We will continue to participate in the Mike and Key hamfest given that we had good results from our sale of K6QB estate’s inventory.  Total sold was over $3400.  The board decided that a deadline of April 13th, the next dinner meeting, will be adequate time for someone to step forward to lead Field Day.  Otherwise the club will not be sponsoring its own FD event.  Paul NG7Z mentioned that he would be willing to hold a small FD event at his home.

Adam suggested an idea for the Tabloid. It would consist of an insert outlining in short form the previous program of the month.  This would apply only to non video programs.  He asked Dan Quigley if he’d be willing to do this.

New Business

Adam questioned the terms of the club liability insurance. The board members are not covered.

The W7DX telnet node went down.  It is being hosted by Mike N6MZ who sent an e-mail essentially saying he would like to have the equipment removed from his home. Dick K7BTW said he would pick it up.  A decision regarding thefuture of the node will be made at a future board meeting.

Special Events Status

Denny W7SNH mentioned that no word has been received from the BC club with regard to the NWDX convention.

The annual Club picnic will be held August 14th at the home of Roger W7VV.

Monthly Dinner/Meeting

The April program will be a DX video. A program on the 787 flight controls is still in the works by Ben McLeod. He is trying for May or June.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Totem Tabloid

The award winning Totem Tabloid is published monthly (except in August) by the Western Washington DX Club and is emailed and made available on the web to all active members.

The Tabloid depends on submissions of articles and news items from its readers. Send all items of interest to the Tabloid editor.


Current Issue

Past Issues


Past Issues


K9PET Casual DXpedition To Antarctica

Casual DXpedition to Antarctica

View the correspondence and photos from K9PET on his Antarctica Casual DX operation…

This is a journal of messages sent by Marc Weinberg K9PET to the WWDXC Email alias

>>Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:59:04 -0800

Greetings to all.  Today was first day on the ground from a few hours,  AITCHO ISLAND (S. SHETLANDS).  We set up SteppIR and could hear almost no one.  We worked one LU2 and that was all.  Tomorrow we will try 20M and 40M on the low end of CW and 14.200SSB from NEKO  Harbor.  We will be landing there approx. 1700GMT so look for us abt 18:00-20:00 GMT.  Band condx here are poor.  Can't hear much from MM vertical or dipole.  SteppIR was mostly quiet today too.  We worked Russians and some EU last night 24:00GMT.

A walking penguin

Hpe to CU.


>> Wed, 14 Feb 2007 18:47:07 -0800

Seal Basking

 >> Thu, 15 Feb 2007 12:48:24 -0800

Subject: Poor Fishing in Antarctica de K9PET

Fishing for radio contacts is very poor.  I bet it will be said that Feb '07 is the bottom of the solar cycle.  So the "rules of engagement" have been changed while we are here on the Peninsula.  If we experience no/poor reception and hear virtually nothing from our two ship board antennas(dipole and vertical), we will not set up on shore as we did today on Booth Island on LeMaire Channel.  Our hope to operate from Petermann Is. got scrubbed due to fog and wx.  Sven, we tried you today at the sked time, but nothing.

Wx is is very good and at times one needs only a sweater, but when the sun stays behind the clouds it gets cold quickly.

Our best radio success is late afternoon (our time) and into the evening.  After dinner abt 9:30 or 10PM 30 and 40 meters seems to work on CW only.   Can't hear any SSB except for some SA locals.  We will keep in touch with more details and cheers to all
Nice way to spend Valentine Day.  

Valentine's day in Antarctica

>> Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:10:22 -0800

Subject: from Antarctica

Friday AM 2/16.  Beautiful sights in Paradise Bay.  Mount Frances the highest in Antarctica at 9,000ft.  We are cruising through the bay to reach Port Lockroy this afternoon.

Thanks to one of you we now have a better understanding why Ham Radio contacts are so hard to get.  Yesterday's sun spot index we were told was "0"   We have had growing success in "our" evening hours after dinner 9-midnight when we can't keep our eyes open any longer.   For the first time Dave w3wkp/kc4/mm had considerable luck with you in the US on cw which is mostly what we can hear.  So thanks for being there we are trying.  Tonight on 30 and 40 meters we will use Dave's little FT 817 to listen on one antenna, the quiet dipole and transmit (Icom 706) on the Shakespeare vertical where we have been getting 5/7/9—5/9/ 9 reports.

My new daily record for photos is now 231 which is up from other trips at about 100.  There is soooo much to see.  It is just great!

Large Ice Bergs in Antarctica
The biggest Ice Berg we will likely see!


>> Fri, 23 Feb 2007 03:37:49 -0800

Subject: de K9PET

Hello to all.  Condx still favor our afternoon hours and /MM all evening (2100-0200Z) sorry that the late hours are /MM.

Jose, YES YES, of course I remember you from our visit to Barcelona.  Thank you for your emails.  As you can imagine many people are looking for us.  We move to different anchorages and stop on shore 2 times each day.  Today I heard stations at 0700z, and now 1100z nothing on any band.  I was taking pictures on shore at 0730 today for sunrise.  It was beautiful.  We cannot be on shore much past 1900 or 2000Z because of the ships schedule.  So after that conditions get better and we work MM.  Last night, 2/22 we had a large pile up on 30M 10.106 so if you can look for us as follows.

Afternoon for us, local time 1400 (1600Z) to 1800 (2000Z) on shore as VP8DJU (Marc) or VP8DJG (Dave)  We will try 7.022, 10.120, 14.020 and 14.220SSB and we will work down in frequency from those starting places.  Hope to hear you. 

Seals and Penguins

My one day photo record is now 435 pics, far better than radio contacts.
Now, this AM we are anchored in St. Andrews Bay and afternoon we will be in Ocean Harbour.

Seals Singing


>> Fri, 23 Feb 2007 16:32:37 -0800

Subject: CasualDX S. Georgia

Well two years ago when we committed to this trip, we knew conditions would be poor.  However, in terms of propagation it is worse than expected.   Patience is a virtue and timing is everything when conditions are so changeable.  Last boat (zodiac) from shore back to the ship is some days 1800 local or 2000z.  It was raining very had today so I came back early since there was no propagation anyway.   I worked 5 stations from Finland to the Med and UK in half an hour between 2000-2030Z today from the ship, then dinner when two more were worked 2300-2330Z and then bands went dead.  All contacts today were 30M.  Never, all day long in check found any SSB on 20M.

So we walked in the rain and took more pictures.  Tomorrow is our landing in Grytviken after lunch so check about 1630 for about 3 hours.  7.020,  10.120, 14.020, and SSB 14.220.
This is a young fir seal sleeping in the Tussic grass.

Seal in Tussic Grass

>> Sun, 25 Feb 2007 05:29:21 -0800

Sorry, but email system not working yesterday.  Today2/25 7am and landing on several islands at "Bay of Islands" on NW coast.  Try agn after lunch and thru about 2000Z.  Yesterday afternoon was very good 30M and 40SSB.  CU  255photos this AM

 Sea Bird

>> Thu,  01 Mar 2007 16:59:49 -0800

K9PET now in the Falklands 

Our 2 1/2 day passage from S. Georgia was often rough with 3 and 4 meter swells, a contrary westerly wind of up to 50 kits.  So for many including me we got caught
up on sleep.  I developed a upper respiratory thing and with codeine cough meds and the heavy seas, my head went wild.  So today the Dr. gave me other stuff and I'm making a recovery.

Today was all day in Stanley where we had previously contacted Bob VP8LP from S. Georgia.  I arranged for Bob to come aboard the ship and in the afternoon we spend two hours at his qth on his FT1000MP, 200W into his 3 el SteppIR yagi.  It was wonderful.  The pileup was amazing on 15M and 12M SSB and CW.  We worked many stations throughout EU, SA and NA including Stan SQ8AQD in Poland who had been trying so hard to set up a sked.  Also worked some old friends in EA.  It was just the best day on the air since we've been travel and our great thanks to Bob for his hospitality.

Tomorrow it will be West Point Island 1100Z -1500Z& New Island 1800Z-2100Z.  Since the AM has never been good for us I suspect we won't even give it a try until the afternoon.

Thanks to all who played with us today.  It sure was nice to have a beam to get good signals from the states.  CU.  We can't believe this outstanding trip is coming to a close.  Our memories and nearly 4000 photos will have to bring us back.

Regards, Marc  K9PET

June 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

WWDXC Board Meeting 2006-06-26

Denny W7SNH
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Elsie N7YX
Dick K7BTW
Marina N7LSL
Brian N9ADG

The minutes from May were accepted


Notification of the annual William Bennet W7PHO memorial
scholarship receipient was received — this year’s recipient was
Alan Rutledge, KE6OMO

A Ham in Tikrit, Iraq, Mitch Gill, is going to be looking
for QSOs this fall, and any help to make more. He’s running QRP
right now, would like to improve his antennas. He’s looking to make
nearly 40000 QSOs in a year.

WWDXC received a thank you from VE3TW Stan Leschinsky for
his salmon run award and smoked salmon. He’s also apparently very
popular at parties where Washington ex-pats can be found, as he can
recite all washington counties by heart.

Treasurer’s Report
The repeater site rental is going to be paid in June

Membership Report
104 members have renewed, and 6 new members have joined, the
club is at 110 paid members

Old Business
W7DX repeater – No changes to report
Salmon Run – the Salmon run committee is selected and at the
ready for this year’s Salmon Run
` Promotional or affiliation items – no change
Club subscription to the ARRL information mailing list – Pat
W7GTO is our information officer and will be subscribing to the
ARRL’s email distribution list
BEARS club presentation – Denny and Jim are picking a date
to do a presentation to the BEARS

New Business
Field Day 2007 – FD2006 was reviewed and plans being made
for FD2007. Consideration is being made of adding a GOTA station,
and better inter-station networking (or ‘any’ inter station
networking). The scores were still being tallied and statistics
being collected.

DX Convention – August 10,11,12 2007 – WWDXC will be hosting
this next year. Venue is in process of being picked, and the
convention gears are starting to turn. Planning meetings will
commence in earnest at the end of July.

2006 WWDXC PICNIC – August 12

REMINDER – No July Board Meeting
No August regular meeting – come to the picnic!


April 2006 Board – Meeting Minutes

WWDXC Board Meeting 2005-04-24
In attendance
Elsie  N7YX
Hillar N6HR
Herb W7ZF
Jim  N7WA
Dick K7BTW
Kirk N7UK
Brian N9ADG
Joe W7QN
Pat W7GTOMeeting was called to order by Jim “Al Haig” N7WA at 7Pm

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.
ARRL mentions that our Public Information Officer isn’t on the ARRL PR email Reflector. Pat volunteered to get on the reflector mailing list.
BEARS Meeting presentation – Jim and Jack are preparing a presentation for BEARS, Denny was volunteered in absentia to coordinate the logistics
The Treasurer’s report was distributed and discussed
One new membership was received from AG7G
Renewal notices will go out on May 1
Old Business
A picture of the very nice Salmon Run plaque was viewed, and it was noted the the plaque had been sent out.
The certificates had been printed, and were going out very soon.
The 2006 rules have been published in the totem tabloid.
W7DX Repeater
Brian N9ADG has been in communication with W7LFA regarding the uplinking of announcements. Next step is to build a circuit and try it out
Tabloid moves from print to bits
Elimination of hard copy TABLOID Will start 1 June 2006… Jim is making sure that everyone is aware of the change
Club mailing moves to Yahoo groups
The club mailing list has been moved to yahoogroups, and in doing so gained archival capability, picture uploads and some other features.NEW BUSINESS
Mugs/Tee shirts/Swag – Discussed but tabled to a next meeting
Upcoming Events
FD2006 – June 24, 25 – See Pat W7TSQ, Joe W7QN, Paul NG7Z,  Jim K7WA for for info on Digital, Phone, CW or UHF/VHF Operation
PNW DX Convention in BC – July
WWDXC Picnic – August
The WWDXC will host the DX Convention in 2007, but the date has not been set

May Program
A program about the Cook Islands will be presented by N7ROThe Meeting was Adjourned at 8pm

February 2006 – Board Meeting Minutes

WWDXC Board Meeting – February 27, 2006

In Attendance

Elsie N7YX
Hillar N7HR
Kirk N7UK
Marina N7LSL
Denny W7SNH
Roger W7VV
Jim K7WA
Herb W7ZF
Brian N9ADG

Meeting was called to order at 1900

The minutes from January were read and approved.

The President has been receiving some email inquiries about
the status of the Salmon Run 2005 results.
The Secretary received notice that the ARRL club information
was in need of a refresh.

Treasurer’s Report
After review, the 2006 budget was accepted and adopted by
the board.

A single renewal came in this month.

Old Business
Repeater – it was noted that when voice traffic occurs on
the repeater, that DX spots are intruding over the top of the
in-progress conversation. The board expressed it’s desire
to have the voice traffic supercede the DX spots; Brian N9ADG
volunteered to provide a technical solution if necessary in
conjunction with Herb W7ZF coordinating access.

With the review of the current list of members receiving the
tabloid via USPS, it was noted that many have email, since they
communicate with club members that way. The opinion was
expressed that the tabloid could go ‘all electronic’ ahead of
schedule (originally June 1). Jim K7WA is keeping the list,
and checking it twice.

New Business
Club Shirts, mugs, or other swag. The President floated the
idea of a WWDXC shirt, mug, or other membership indicator, which
could be offered to the membership. Others expressed
interest in this (hats?) once the costs were known. Discussion ensued
about doing this coincident with the DX convention, or
perhaps the salmon run. The president/vice president will be
investigating and discussing in the future.

February Program
VP5 – Bob and Harry – K7LAY and K7LAZ – Burien.

Puyallup Hamfest
Kirk has been coordinating activities for the club table at
the fest, and has obtained a new club banner, QSL book, and
will have the ability to ascertain member status, show DX
video, SIGN UP NEW MEMBERS ON THE SPOT, and in general promote
the club. All club members are encouraged to stop by, and
better yet encourage NON members to stop by and join.
March 11 – Puyallup – see the Mike and Key Club site for
more information.

2006 Communications Academy
Marina reminds everyone that the 2006 Communications Academy
is being held at the Regional Criminal Justice Training Center,
April 1-2, 2006. Everyone is encouraged to visit the web
site http://www.commacademy.org/ for more details, as well as sign

Meeting adjourned at 2005

October 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

WWDXC Board Meeting October 24, 2005

Hillar N6HR
Jim K7WA
Joe W7QN
Roger W7VV
Dick K7BTW

Meeting was called to order promptly at 1900

Minutes from September were thoroughly reviewed and approved
by the board.

New Business
ARRL International DX Contest plaques – The club sponsors
two plaques for the ARRL Int’l DX contest –
JA Low Power SSB and JA Low Power CW. The board moved to
continue to sponsor these plaques for 2006.

Treasurer’s Report
Presented in absentia, it was reviewed by the board

Membership Report
38 second notice renewal notices were sent out; three
renewals have been received.
The Web information available on our members will be updated
to reflect renewals and new members

DX Repeater Questionnaire
The Questionnaire was sent out to the membership; results
were unavailable
Other Repeater news
The club is in receipt of an offer by a large equipment
manufacturer to sponsor repeater operation costs. More news later.

Salmon Run
The Salmon Run “committee” will meet in November, probably,
to do the scoring on this past year’s contest.
Jim K7WA will keep the board up to date on the progress as
it’s available.

Jim will be presenting to the MIRO (Mercer Island Radio
Organization) club in December regarding the activities of the WWDXC

Web Site
The board will investigate making the links to obtain club
badges and QSL cards more prominent on the web site

Tabloid & Badges
The board discussed the desirability of eliminating as of
January 1, 2006 the Totem Tabloid print edition to lessen the burden
on our publisher
Jack WA0RJY, as well as save the club additional $$.

The board is exploring the inclusion of a membership badge
as part of the new members package; consultation with the
Treasurer on the implications of doing so was delayed until
the next meeting. The desire was to make this change coincident
with the elimination of the print edition of the Tabloid.

Contest Update
Hillar points out that there’s a movement afoot to have
the “7QP” – Seventh Area QSO Party, on the 1st or 2nd weekend in May.
As a new event, it would encourage participation by making
each county multipliers, etc. The details are being worked out by
a committee via email — Hillar promises to keep the board
appraised of the progress

Club Meeting Presentations
November – Ward Silver, tanned and ready to run, will be
presenting on the
Kure Island DXpedition “Kure Island: How I Stopped Worrying
and Learned to Love the Crabs” (okay, we made that part up)

* ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * )
* ( * ) * ( * ) * ( * ) * (

comments like these in parentheses)

Officers and Directors Elections – it’s that time again!
Everything that makes a democracy great! Nominations! (Vote buying
and Gerrymandering!)

November – Time to plot your strategy to make sure YOUR
candidate is nominated, whether they like it or not!

December – Be there for the action! Back room deals.
Surprise candidates. Voting!
(See how 90 votes can be squeezed out of 57
attending members!)

All of the officer positions are officially open, and any
Trustee position expiring in 2005 is open.
See a current member of the board if you’d like to nominate
someone, or have any questions in your consideration of a
role as a club officer or trustee.

June 2005 – Board Meeting Minutes

WWDXC Board Meeting 6/27/05

The meeting was convened by the president at 7:06:15.34

The Minutes from the last board meeting were reviewed, and overwhelmingly accepted by the board.


RTTY Component for NW trophy -- A lively discussion was had regarding adding in the RTTY components of the
appropriate contests which are now part of the NW 

Trophy. The original request was from the Portland club. The intent would be to include three additional
contests as opportunities to score points for the yearly trophy challenge.  It was resolved that the President
will notify the Portland club that we're in agreement with their plans.

Request for funding for Glorioso Island DXpedition -- FR/G is going to be active later this year, and the
board voted $100 in support of the operation.

There was a request from a member regarding providing more tutorials on logging, amps, QSLing, etc. as related to DXing; while there wasn't a clear action 
plan, the Vice President has noted the request for future meeting material.

The recipient of the W7PHO scholarship wrote a wonderful thank-you letter to the WWDXC.  

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer presented the numbers on the finances. 
.-- .   .--- ..- ... -  ... .- ...- . -..  .-  - ---
-. --- ..-. -- --- -. . -.--   --- -.  --- ..- .-. 
-.-. .-.. ..- -...  .. -. ... ..- .-. .- -. -.-. . 

Membership Report:
150 Renewal notices were sent out 4/9, we've received 95 renewals as of 6/27.

Old Business:
The Secretary is going to check of the membership email alias works.
KT7G is going to be the new W7DX license trustee

New Business:
Hillar is going to make minor revisions to the proposed new bylaws in response to feedback received
from club members.  The final version will be voted on in September. 

Stay tuned for details on the 2005 picnic; please reserve the usual date in August for this event.

There will be no Board meeting in July
There will be no General meeting in August
The October board meeting will be on October 24.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm

Field day Recap:
The 2005 Field day event was held in Preston, WA; We
were class 3A; the operators involved were:
Hillar    N6HR                
Elsie     N7YX                
Brian     N9ADG             
Pat       W7GTO            
Joe       W7QN             
Dick      K7BTW             
Roger     W7VV              
Joe       W7QN              
Jim       K7WA              
Alan      N7BF              
Paul      NG7T              
John      N7SEJ
Jack      WA0RJY           
Herb      W7ZF
Sam       WC7Q
Denny     W7SNH            
Emma & Sam Moran (No calls yet)

While a full recap of field day will be provided in a program or tabloid article(s), the club tentatively made
2058 QSO's on CW/Phone/RTTY (VHF and HF combined).