September 2007 – Salmon Run


Salmon Run!

 September 15-16                                        

   Most of our members have thought at one time or another, 
“Golly gee willikers!  That Salmon Run contest is a hoot!  
Maybe I should try a portable or mobile expedition next year!”
   Well, how about making next year, this year?  The September 
program by Jim, K7WA, Ward, NØAX, and Jack, WAØRJY 
(K7ED/m) will give you ideas by these road-hardened veterans 
about how to either set up an expedition in an exotic location 
(San Juan Islands anyone?) or maybe even hit the road with your 
 station in your car, SUV, or mobile home!   
   Come to the meeting to have all your questions answered.  The Salmon Run is our chance to be on the right side of the pile-ups for a change – don’t miss out!

  September Meeting 

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

 Dinner at 6:30 – Program at 7:30 Lake City Elks Club

145th and Lake City Way




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