Membership Awards



Each December the WWDXC gives awards to members for service to the club.

The first award is Member of the Year, MOY – given to a member in recognition
of achievement, exemplary service, or serving as an example of good DXer

The second award is Most Valuable Player, MVP- given to a member whose
service to the club over time has been invaluable, allowing the club to
succeed on the air and in club activities. They’re always working to get the job done and make things run
smoothly for the rest of us.  Not only that, they display the kind of
public, on-the-air behavior and qualities that put us all in a good

The third award is Rookie of the Year, ROY.  This award goes to the new
member who has contributed the most to the club and the hobby through
involvement and enthusiasm.

From time to time, the club presents a member with the Johnny Dack Lifetime Achievement Award, JDLAA, for many years of service to the WWDXC.

Here is a patial list of past award winners.  We have no records prior to 2002, and 2003,2004 are also missing:

2002;                                                                   2016;

W7TSQ, Bob Preston, MOY                            K7GEX, Andy Anderson,MOY

WA0RJY, Jack Fleming, MVP                          K7RI, Tom Owens, MVP

K7RX, Kevin Nathan, ROY                               K5EM, Justin McAllister, ROY

2005;                                                                 W7OM, Rod Linkous, JDLAA

N6HR, Hillar Raamat, MOY

N9ADG, Brian Moran, MVP

W7JEN, Duncan Carmen, JDLAA


W7SNH, Denny Bowman, MOY

K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MVP

K6UFO, Mark Aaker, ROY


W7SNH, Denny Bowman, MOY co-winner

N7GCO, Mel Ming, MOY co-winner

N7BF, Alan Burgstahler, MVP

K7MO, Nick Winter, ROY

N7LSL, Marina Zuetell, JDLAA


N9ADG, Brian Moran, MOY

K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MVP

NW7D, Gordon Brousman, ROY

K7UU, Kurt Heidergott, JDLAA

W7JWJ, Harry Lewis, JDLAA

W7QGP, Mary Lewis, JDLAA


K7WA, Jim Hadlock, MOY

W7VV, Roger Huntley, MVP

W7QN, Joe Gregory, JDLAA


N7YX, Elsie Raamat, MOY

NG7Z, Paul Beringer, MVP

KD7H, Rob Gregory, ROY


K7BTW, Dick Swanson, MOY

NG7Z, Paul Beringer, MVP

N7EIE, Leroy Smith, ROY


K7EKD, Larry Hanson, MOY

W7WA, Dan Handa, MVP

N7RR, Bruce Prior, ROY

W7TSQ, Bob Preston, JDLAA


K7SR, Mike Fager, MOY co-winner

N7QT, Rob Fanfant, MOY co-winner

N7WA, Mike Dinkelman, MVP

N5CR, Conrad Romberg, ROY


W6SZN, Kip Edwards, MOY

K7RL, Mitch Mason MVP

KE7WUD, Alex Banbury, ROY

WA0RJY, Jack Fleming, JDLAA


W6RS, Rich Stempien, MOY

N7WA, Mike Dinkelman, MVP

K7VAP, Valerie Piggott, ROY















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