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The Western Washington DX Club is pleased to present its online Perpetual Hamfest, where gear can be posted for sale or trade.  If you have something you’d like to post here, please provide a short description and picture of the piece of equipment, your name & call, and how people can reach you.  Email the information to webmaster (at) and attach the picture to the email.  Each individual item needs a separate listing.   Once the item is sold, immediately contact our webmaster so that it can be marked as SOLD and then removed from the page.

This feature is restricted to WWDXC members’ listings only.

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Ten Tec Titan Amplifier
From W7TSQ Estate. Good condition. Works as it should in all respects. Loafs at 1.5 KW Full Legal limit. Pick up in Marysville. Will not ship. A reasonable offer from a WWDXC member gets it.

Tom NU7J
$1300 OBO from club members
Icom IC-7300
Brand new ICOM IC-7300 with warranty in original unopened box.

Walt Miller, or 425-641-9670
Ten Tec Omni VI Transceiver
Ten Tec Omni VI w/ speaker, CW filters, and Power Supply. From W7TSQ SK estate. Priced to sell at $450.

Rob, N7QT,
Kenwood TS-590SG 100W HF+6M Transceiver
From the W6SZN Estate. The Kenwood TS-590SG is the successor to the popular TS-590S. The TS590SG HF/50MHz transceiver offers 100W of output power while drawing only 21A. The TS-590SG transmits on 160M, 80M, 60M, 40M, 30M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M, 10M, 6M and receives 0.13 ~ 30MHz and 50 ~ 54MHz. Building on the success of the TS-590S and improving, the Kenwood TS-590SG features an even higher performance receiver with superior adjacent dynamic range. Other improvements include advanced AGC control through digital signal processing from the IF stage, a highly reliable transmitter outputs high-quality TX signal, a new Morse code decoder, a configurable MULTI/CH knob and RIT/XIT/CL key, new Split function (TS-990S style), Transceiver equalizer configurable by mode, FIL A/B configurable independently with VFO A/B, Front or rear PTT selectable for data PTT and switching from HI CUT/ LO CUT to WIDTH/SHIFT possible for reception bandwidth changing in SSB mode. The TS-590SG uses a pair of 60 x60 mm fans for cooling which provides more airflow at a lower RPM, meaning less noise. A built-in automatic antenna tuner covers amateur bands from 160M-6M and can operate when the transceiver is receiving. Other features such as Digital/Analog noise blanking (NB1/NB2), DSP Noise Reduction (NR1/NR2), IF Notch and Beat cancel (BC1/BC2) make the Kenwood TS-590SG a joy to operate. Contact Rich/W6RS via email only, please

Logikey K-5 Auto Keyer
From the W6SZN Estate. Fully iambic keyer; can emulate most other keyers including Curtis “A” timing and Accukeyer – Works perfectly with single-lever, non-iambic paddles – Six active messages plus 12 “banked” messages, 1530 characters total – Messages may ‘call’ others and contain programmed functions – Messages can loop for continuous replay – Messages can allow break-in for paddle-inserted text with automatic resumption – Message editing capability of existing messages – Ultra Speed mode allows messages at speeds to 990 WPM! – Contest serial number: 001 to 9999, with push-button decrements if needed – Linear speed control: 5 to 60 WPM, speed range can be easily customized – Adjustable weighting: 25% to 75% – Adjustable frequency sidetone monitor, 500 – 900 Hz, internal monitor level control – Tune function for transmitter adjustment, hand key mode from paddle – Operator selectable automatic character spacing Contact Rich/W6RS via email only, please

15 Elements   «123»