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The Western Washington DX Club is pleased to present its online Perpetual Hamfest, where gear can be posted for sale or trade.  If you have something you’d like to post here, please provide a short description and picture of the piece of equipment, your name & call, and how people can reach you.  Email the information to webmaster (at) and attach the picture to the email.  Each individual item needs a separate listing.   Once the item is sold, immediately contact our webmaster so that it can be marked as SOLD and then removed from the page.

This feature is restricted to WWDXC members’ listings only.

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ZS4TX Super Combo Keyer
From W6SZN Estate. 6 message memory on CW and Phone. Two radio switching. PC keyer interface via LPT/Serial. Isolated Audio Output Audio Compressor and Noise Gate CI-V Interface Voice/CW Message Loop Function Contact Rich, W6RS, email only please.

Palstar DL2K 2500W Dummy Load
From W6SZN Estate. Lighted meter. 50ohm +/- 10%. DC - 30MHz. 1 min Max Power w/fan on. Contact Rich, W6RS, email only please.

KT36XA Tribander – 10/15/20
$2,467.99 new. M Squared antenna (have 2 of these)
1 Pamotor AC Fan – Model 2500S
No record of what I paid for it. Muffin Fan
1 Boxer AC Fan – Model WS2107FL-2
No record of what I paid for it. Muffin Fan.
13 Elements   «123»