Totem Trader

The Western Washington DX Club is pleased to present its online Perpetual Hamfest, where gear can be posted for sale or trade.  If you have something you’d like to post here, please provide a short description and picture of the piece of equipment, your name & call, and how people can reach you.  Email the information to webmaster (at) and attach the picture to the email.  Each individual item needs a separate listing.   Once the item is sold, immediately contact our webmaster so that it can be marked as SOLD and then removed from the page.

This feature is restricted to WWDXC members’ listings only.

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KT31 WARC Dipole
M Squared antenna – covers 12m/17m/30m
RC28900P-A Orion Rotator Controller
Using Green Heron Controller so this is surplus; M Squared no longer makes this model; the new price ($820) is for their current model.
W7CD IC-765
Original owner. Includes roofing filter. No scratches.
13 Elements   «123»