P0: Broken and should be fixed before next release / migration.
P1: Needed in next release / migration.
P2: Should be completed shortly after next release, but not blocking.
P3: Not scoped/scheduled for next release.
P4: Ideas.


  • P1 Infrastructure: Backup and monitoring scripts.
  • P3 Infrastructure: Evaluate hosting to determine if best price for what we’re using.
  • P3 Infrastructure: contingency plan for Yahoo Groups reflector going away, after Verizon purchase of Yahoo.
  • P3 Infrastructure: Evaluate option to push new posts to the reflector so new issues of the Tabloid and Next Meeting posts aren’t a pain.
  • P2 Content: Build a list of every DXPedition that we’ve funded. Make sure Norcal DX Foundation sees this. Our logo wasn’t in one of their presentations @ Visalia.
  • P2 Content: Huge amount of text on the main pages (“About”, for instance) need some work including additional content on what the benefits of the club are, etc.
  • P3 Content: List of area DX and “General Purpose” clubs.
  • P3 Content/Format: Stub out PNW DX Convention with a design that works years we host it, should just be a link in “off” years.
  • P3 Content: Add the North and West Lunch locations and more clearly delineate lunches from the meetings – members get it, but we don’t want non-members getting overwhelmed.
  • Content: Sidebar widget with “Most Recent Totem Award Winners” to be created.
  • Content: Footer. Play with formatting to see if “Footer One” should have content or just remove it.
  • Content/Format: AdWords placement? Do we want to keep this? If it’s a goal to drive Ad traffic, I can do that, esp in opinion and member posts.
  • Format: Still need to create a few links to the “Meetings” and “Board Minutes” category listings and a “Newsfeed” view for the combined feed of everything.
  • Content: A lot of historical content to merge in
  • Content: Totem tabloids should move to posts with a category of “Totem Tabloid” (will show in news feed, too)
  • Content: LOTS of stuff in PDFs that I’d like to move to HTML.
  • Content: PDFs for historical salmon run results are amongst the things to transcribe/convert
  • Content: So are the historical membership awards – I’d really like to have these back as far as we have them.
  • Format: Salmon Run “Pink Cascades” banner is a little light – or the fish are too dark.
  • Format: Salmon Run Rules ( needs to be reformatted. – URL slug should change to /salmonrun/salmonrun-rules/
  • Format: Templates to allow cutting and pasting content for upcoming meetings and publishing of Totem Tabloids needed.
  • Content: Membership lists… current, all time, and SK lists still need to be added, including links from the Totem Award page.


  • Format: Header still doesn’t quite work for me. Will take another pass.
  • Infrastructure: Migration planning: need access to cPanel or whatever our host is using to figure out how we’ll move over (K7BTW looking into it, after 4/17 meeting)
  • Content: Comments are enabled on several pages – pretty sure we don’t actually want them on, anywhere. (4/18, believe this is fixed)
  • Format: Byline (“By k7add | February…”) needs to be disabled in templates for meeting minutes and next meeting posts – member posts, if we do this, should include them.
  • Content: Several first level pages (“Membership” and “About Awards”) need content that has a brief list of the second level pages.
  • Format: Underlined links on mouseover are blue – need to change to better complementary color (bright or light green, maybe?).
  • Content/Format: W7PHO Scholarship – not formatted… there are 2016 winners, but K7WA et al. believed we didn’t have anything to do with it? Maybe administered by the ARRL, but funded by WWDXC and the W7PHO fund? Follow up with Adam and the board on this.
  • Content: Logo “style guide” with fonts and color selection (Color: #009933 Pantone Uncoated 2426 U, Font: Archivo Black) similar to this: (UPDATE 4/18, included some of this on – need to break it out)