2010-08-31 Board Meeting Minutes

August 31st 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital
Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 7:03:26 pm. Present were Denny W7SNH, Paul
NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Joe W7QN, Elsie N7YX, Pat W7GTO, Jim K7WA and Kirk N7UK
.     Review/approve minutes
The July minutes were approved by a voice vote
.	Correspondence
An invitation to help support the DXØDX DXpedition was received from Clay
K7HC. He offered to match a $125 donation. After a short discussion, Dick
made a motion to donate $125. Elsie seconded and the motion was approved.
.	Treasurer's report
The board reviewed the July Treasurer's report and Paul motioned to accept.
Kirk seconded and the report was approved.
.       Membership
Three new members joined the club during the July/August period. Jim sent
out 110 renewal notices and 74 renewals have been received.
.	Old business
Kirk has looked at an alternate site for the W7DX repeater. A potential site
is on top of the Maple Leaf community reservoir. There is an existing
feedline and antenna at the site. Kirk will coordinate with Herb and
research the new location in terms of backup power, access and space
available in the shelter.
Mike Dinkleman has been collating the club's score for the Traveling Trophy.
He has agreed to continue this valuable service to the club.
.	New Business
There was some discussion regarding the BCDX convention and what was good
and what could have been better.
There was general agreement that the picnic was a success.
.	Special events status
Salmon Run planning is well underway.
.	Monthly dinner/meeting
The September program will feature Jim's short presentation on the Salmon
Run. Depending on Marie Callendar’s atrium availability, there may also be a
"show and tell" of club members' favorite Morse code keys.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28

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