2009-02-23 Board Meeting Minutes


From: Brian Moran [brianmo@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 8:38 PM
To: board@wwdxc.org
Cc: w7snh1@gmail.com
Subject: Board Notes February 2009

7:06pm meeting started.
N7YX, K7BTW, K7WA, N7LSL, W7GTO, W7QN, W7SNH, NG7Z, N9ADG in attendance.

Move to accept the minutes from January 2009.
Correspondence – Email was received from LW3EX and K7LAZ regarding the SR awards.
Treasurer’s report was reviewed
    There was a discussion over the disbursement of the honorarium for the MVP and the Member of the year award, at the time that the award is given.  The board voted to disburse the honorarium at the time of the award vs. upon presentation of receipts up to the award amount.
The treasurer’s report was accepted and approved.

Membership Report
Three renewals this month.

Old Business
    Salmon Run awards, for materials, is over $650 now. Postage alone for domestic mailing is $0.83 each for certificates.
    Jim is going to propose a way to keep salmon run awards under $500, yet fulfill the expectations of the participants.
    The board had an extensive discussion regarding the budget, and a 2009 budget was hammered out.

New Business:
    Paypal will be investigated for renewals

Monthly Meeting:
    Next meeting topic is about K3 and Softrock receivers.
Special Event
    Mike and Key Table – club will have a table at the puyallup show on March 7.  Jim is putting together the usual details regarding the presence.


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