2010-03-29 Board Meeting Minutes

March 29th 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital
Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 7:00pm. Present were Denny W7SNH, Marina
N7LSL, Paul NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Pat W7GTO, Elsie N7YX, Kurt N7UK. Joe W7QN
could not make it due to illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.
.     Review/approve minutes
The February minutes were approved by a voice vote
.	Correspondence
E-mail received from Alex UT5UY requesting funding for Samoa, Central
Kiribati and Tokelau. None of these are in the top 100 on the west coast.
Adam will compose a reply to Alex.
E-mail from Edward Addy about the north American Center for Emergency
Communications. We declined the invitation to join.
E-mail from Al Rovner K7AR offering his DX node to our members. No action
.	Treasurer's report
The February report was approved
.       Membership
Jim reported that we received three new memberships. They are Robert Gregory
KD7H, Kirkland James Brossard  AD7UZ, Mill Creek and Bill Vodall  WA7NWP,
Redmond. Additionally, Bill  W7VP Sam WC7Q Jeff K7JF (he renewed for 4
years) renewed their memberships. Traffic at the Puyallup table seemed down
from the past few years - still had lots of semi-interested inquiries - it's
probably worth continuing. I have exchanged a few emails with Matt Barton
who sent an e-mail to the Club asking about ham radio but haven't met him
yet.  I will be doing two presentations at the Comm Academy on Sunday April
11, Antenna Modeling and High Frequency 101
.	Old business
We will continue to participate in the Mike and Key hamfest given that we
had good results from our sale of K6QB estate's inventory. Total sold was
over $3400.
The board decided that a deadline of April 13th, the next dinner meeting,
will be adequate time for someone to step forward to lead Field Day.
Otherwise the club will not be sponsoring its own FD event. Paul NG7Z
mentioned that he would be willing to hold a small FD event at his home.
Adam suggested an idea for the Tabloid. It would consist of an insert
outlining in short form the previous program of the month. This would apply
only to non video programs. He asked Dan Quigley if he'd be willing to do
.	New Business
Adam questioned the terms of the club liability insurance. The board members
are not covered.
The W7DX telnet node went down. It is being hosted by Mike N6MZ who sent an
e-mail essentially saying he would like to have the equipment removed from
his home. Dick K7BTW said he would pick it up. A decision regarding the
future of the node will be made at a future board meeting.
.	Special events status
Denny W7SNH mentioned that no word has been received from the BC club with
regard to the NWDX convention.
The annual Club picnic will be held August 14th at the home of Roger W7VV.
.	Monthly dinner/meeting program for April
The April program will be a DX video. A program on the 787 flight controls
is still in the works by Ben McLeod. He is trying for May or June.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20

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