2010-06-28 Board Meeting Minutes


June 28th 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital

Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 6:58pm. Present were Denny W7SNH, Marina
N7LSL, Paul NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Joe W7QN, Elsie N7YX, Pat W7GTO, Jim K7WA and
Kirk N7UK

.     Review/approve minutes

The May minutes were approved by a voice vote

.        Correspondence

Received a letter from Mary Hobart indicating that the recipient of the
William Bennett, W7PHO, Memorial Scholarship was Alexander Lemke, AF6JF of
Fallbrook, CA.

.        Treasurer’s report

The May report was approved. Paid liability insurance premium for the board
members. Paid $15 in WWARA dues for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

.       Membership

No new members for June. Jim is setting up a reminder for dues for those
members who have not renewed for the period of June 2009 to December 2009. A
total of 17 members fit this description. Forty eight are paid up through
Dec 2010 and 98 are due this month. (June 2010)

.        Old business

The WRTC committee in Russia is looking for information, photos etc for the
1990 event. Denny will contact Danny K7SS and request that he (Danny) help
The board passed a motion 9 to 1 to stop automated transmission of DX spots
on the club repeater.
The preceding vote now opens up the option of replacing the VHF spot
announcement on the now unoccupied frequency previously administered by
N6MZ. The club still has some equipment from the N6MZ operation. A short
note will be placed in the Tabloid asking the membership if someone wants to
take over the spotting on VHF.
More items from the K6QB estate will be brought to the dinner meetings for
give away and/or raffle.

.        New Business

There is still a problem with the club repeater and Denny will follow up
The board discussed what options are best for the compiling of scores for
the NW Traveling Trophy. Mike Dinkelman has decided to retire from this job.
A motion was made and approved to distribute $250 five ways as a prize
drawing for the August drawing at the club summer picnic.

.        Special events status

As of June 27th, there are 80 people signed up for the NW DX Convention.
August 14th is the summer picnic.

.        Monthly dinner/meeting program for July

July’s meeting will feature a video of the 2008 IOTA Expedition to
Chuginadak Island (NA-234) by the Russian Robinson Club (N3QQ, RA3NAN, and

Meeting adjourned at 8:36

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