2010-09-27 Board Meeting Minutes

September 27th 2010 7pm Group Health Hospital
Adam K7EDX opened the meeting at 0202Z (7:02 PDT). Present were Denny W7SNH,
Paul NG7Z, Dick K7BTW, Joe W7QN, Marina N7LSL, Pat W7GTO, Jim K7WA and Kirk
.     Review/approve minutes
The August minutes were approved by a voice vote
.	Correspondence
A $125 check from Clay K7HC was received as a matching contribution for the
Spratly DXpedition as mentioned in last month's minutes.
.	Treasurer's report
The August Treasurer's report was reviewed and approved.
.       Membership
No new members in September but five members sent in their renewal checks.
.	Old business
Kirk spoke with Mark Sheppard who said he would be pleased to help get the
W7DX repeater set up at the Maple Leaf community reservoir. Before
finalizing, a few issues regarding site specifics need to be ironed out.
.	New Business
To date, 175 logs have been received for the Salmon Run. Jim will send thank
you letters to Mark Tharp KB7HDX AND Jim Pace K7CEX for their help in
getting the word out for hams in rare counties to get on the air during the
There was some discussion regarding the implications of the proposed ORCA
DXCC club in British Columbia.
The board discussed the board positions that need to be filled for next
year. Two director positions will be open. Prospective members who may be
interested will be contacted.
.	Special events status
There will be a Christmas meeting at which the following awards will be
presented. Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Member of the Year and
The Lifetime Achievement Award. There was a short discussion about the
necessity of filling all of the awards.
.	Monthly dinner/meeting
There needs to be a "sign up" sheet passed around during the meeting which
includes a column indicating the general area in which the member lives.
The October program will feature a show and tell of members' favorite Morse
code keys. Frank K7GSE will augment the program with his Vibroplex history
Meeting adjourned at 0328Z (8:28 PDT)

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