2012-02-27 Board Meeting Minutes


Board meeting

February 27th 2012

were Kirk N7UK, Dick K7BTW, Denny W7SNH, Paul NG7Z, Dennis K7DSE, Adam K7EDX, Pat
W7GTO, Rob KD7H, Marina N7LSL and Nick N7MO. Adam opened the meeting at 7:03 PST.


Review/approve minutes

January minutes were approved by a voice vote


There was no correspondence

Treasurer’s report

January report was approved by a voice vote.


Six renewals have come in this month.

A Totem award application from Kikuo JE1RRK was
received. Forwarded to Dick

A new membership list has been distributed to
the board members via e-mail

Old business

Of the many items received from the W7JEN
estate, only the TS-850 remains. It’s likely that it will be taken to the Mike
and Key event in March for sale.

All Salmon Run printed certificates and salmon
packages have been mailed. E-mail certs are next to be sent.

When the new budget is approved, the repeater
will be paid off.

New Business

The convent will be paid $50 this year because
they didn’t cash last year’s check.

The Board approved a motion to increase the
DXpedition budget from $1000 to $2000

The Board approved a motion to increase badge
expenses from $100 to $120

The Board approved the submitted budget with the
two modifications listed above

The Board discussed the Totem Tabloid and its
relevance to the club’s mission

Special events status

The club will have a membership table at the
Mike and Key Hamfest.

Monthly dinner/meeting

The March dinner meeting will be held on 13th.
If nothing else of interest arises, the STØR video will be shown

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary

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