2013-01-28 Board Meeting Minutes


Board meeting

January 28th 2013

Present were
Kirk N7UK, Dennis K7DSE, Paul NG7Z, Adam K7EDX, Rob KD7H,

Marina N7LSL, Bill
W7VP, Brian N7RVD and Larry K7EKD.

Adam opened the meeting at 7:03 PST.


Review/approve minutes

The November
2012 minutes were approved by a voice vote


Received request for funding of 5W0M IOTA
OC-097. It does not appear on the West

       coast most needed list and will not be

You can now fund your 7th Area Bureau
account on line through their web site using PayPal.

Received an e-mail from WRTC thanking us for the
$200 donation

Treasurer’s report

The November
report was approved by a voice vote. December 2012

(ending) cash balance =
$25,474.52 Income = $00.16, Expenditures = $219.82


Jim sent out 53 renewal notices.

Old business

Salmon Run certificates are now in process with
Mike K7SR. Jim is investigating the

        cost of SR mugs since the Tacoma club is
not paying for these this year.

The Mike and Key booth is paid for and Rob will

The club should capture our history in some
fashion. Perhaps a separate page on the club

        website featuring pictures of members,
old stations such as W7RM. This should be an agenda

        item at a future board

New Business

Marina presented a proposed 2013 budget. The
discussion resulted in a delayed vote.

       A more thorough proposal will be
forthcoming in the form of an e-mailed spreadsheet.

The Mike and Key booth needs a few volunteers.
Adam has to work the SteppIR booth.

       As noted above in old business, Rob will

A positive vote was recorded to have the club
picnic in July this year instead of August.

       This is because the PNW DX
convention in Spokane is being held in August.

Special events status

Awards at the December meeting were given to Bob
Preston for Lifetime Achievement,

       Rookie of the Year to Bruce Prior N7RR, Most
Valuable Player to Dan Handa W7WA and

        Member of the Year Larry Hanson K7EKD

Monthly dinner/meeting

The January dinner meeting will feature Brian
N9ADG, Dick K7BTW and Adam K7EDX

        describing their Extreme class Multi-Multi in
the CQWW SSB contest.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary

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