2013-06-24 Board Meeting Minutes


Board meeting

June 24th 2013

Present were
Brian N7RVD, Dick K7BTW, Paul NG7Z, Dennis K7DSE, Adam K7EDX, Rob KD7H,

N7LSL, Larry K7EKD, Bill W7VP and Jim K7WA. Adam opened the meeting at 7:06 PST.


Review/approve minutes

The May
minutes were approved by a voice vote


The ARRL awarded the William Bennett Memorial
Scholarship to Joy Mellera KI6AJC

Treasurer’s report

The May
report was approved


There was one renewal

Old business

The future of the Tabloid was again discussed at

A letter was drafted and approved to send to the
family of Johnny Dack

An individual outside the club has expressed an
interest in our website and may help us with its restructure.

        Dennis will
follow up

The Salmon Run needs more people to help out

New Business

The annual club picnic will take place at the
Seattle Police Athletic Association on July 20th from 4pm



         to around 8pm.

Special events status


Monthly dinner/meeting

The next dinner meeting is August 13th

There won’t be a board meeting in July

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary

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