2013-09-30 Board Meeting Minutes


Board meeting

September 30th 2013

Present were
Brian N7RVD, Paul NG7Z, Dennis K7DSE, Kirk N7UK

Adam K7EDX, Marina N7LSL,
Larry K7EKD, Bill W7VP and Jim K7WA.

Adam opened the meeting at 7:06 PST.


Review/approve minutes

The August
minutes were approved by a voice vote



Treasurer’s report

The August
report was approved


There were four renewals and one new member
application from

        Aubrey Mansfield W7OLY

Old business

Salmon Run log checking is proceeding. Over 260
logs have been received

The Totem Tabloid survey results indicated that
our members seem to believe

        that it is still relevant

Adam wil contact gconverter.com to have them
provide an estimate for

        converting our Joomla based website to WordPress

New Business

The board believes that our existing audio
delivery setup is woefully

        inadequate for meetings. Options will be

The 2015 DX Convention needs a chairperson

Special events status


Monthly dinner/meeting

The next dinner meeting will be on October 8th.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary

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