2013-10-28 Board Meeting Minutes



October 28th 2013

Present were Brian N7RVD, Paul NG7Z, Kirk N7UK,
Adam K7EDX,

Marina N7LSL, Larry K7EKD, Bill W7VP, Rob KD7H and Dick K7BTW.

opened the meeting at 7:07 PST.


Review/approve minutes

·    The September
minutes were approved by a voice vote


·    The VK9MT
Mellish Reef DXpedition scheduled for

        March/April 2014 sent the club a letter
requesting funding.

        Mellish Reef is #76 most
wanted for the West coast which

        qualifies it for a $100 donation.

With the passing of Harry Lewis W7JWJ, former

        manager for the Western Washington Section, the board

        will make a
donation of $250 to the newly established

        Wilse Morgan Memorial fund. This
donation will be made

        to in rememberance of both Harry and Mary Lewis.

Treasurer’s report

·    The September
report was approved


·    There
was one renewal and a new member application

       from Tom Voss W7TLV

Old business

·    Salmon
Run log checking has been completed and the

       participation certificates sent.
Further processing for the

       remainder of the various category winners is


·    One
more reply to the Totem Tabloid survey was received

·    The
WWDXC website conversion to WordPress will be started.

       The board approved $320
to be paid to gconverter.com to

        accomplish this task

The 2015 DX
convention to be sponsored by our club is

         still in need of a chairperson

New Business

·    The
annual awards banquet in December will feature

        winners of the Most Valuable
Player, Member of the Year

        and Rookie of the Year. The Johnny Dack Life Time

       Achievement Award may or may not be presented.

       Club officers will need to be

·    The
2015 DX Convention needs a chairperson

Special events status

·    None

Monthly dinner/meeting

There were 28
people in attendance at the October


The next
dinner will be on November 12th and Adam

        will be the presenter with a program
about the PL-259

Next board
meeting will be held at Kirk’s house on

        November 26th

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary

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