2013-03-25 Board Meeting Minutes


WWDXC Board meeting

March 25, 2013

Present were Kirk N7UK, Larry K7EKD, Jim K7WA,
Adam K7EDX, Dick K7BTW,

Dennis K7DSE, Brian N7RVD, and Rob KD7H.

Adam opened the meeting at 7:13 PST.


Review/approve minutes

The Feb minutes were approved by voice vote.


The Board approved the motion for $200 to be
contributed to the K9W Wake Island expedition.

Treasurer’s report

The February report was approved as submitted.

ending cash balance was $26,134.19. Income 500.00,

                 Expenditures 492.23.


Jim, K7WA reported 7 renewals for March with 5
being from the Mike and Key event in

       Puyallup and 2 new members.

Old business

Salmon Run certificates are completed and
plaques have been sent out.

The Board targeted a tentative transition date of the
Tabloid to full internet on September 1,


Club activities and additional
content would be added as the new system progressed.

New Business

Club history was discussed due to the passing of
Johnny Dack W7KH. The preservation of logs,

        QSL cards and other memorabilia was
mentioned. The club does not have a central location for

        safekeeping of these
items. A program is not in place at present and will require input from

as to its relevance in the future.

Monthly dinner/meeting

The monthly dinner will occur at the 125th Street Grill on Aurora Avenue on Tuesday

        the 9th day of April. 
The program will be on “Dxing and Dxpeditions with boat anchors”

        by Mike
Dormann W7DRA.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM

Respectfully submitted

Dennis Kourkoumelis

In absence of

Paul Beringer

WWDXC Secretary



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